Clint Eastwood: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence

 Eastwood Jr.’s childhood years coincided with the days of the Great Depression. All of America was looking for a way out of the situation. Industrial plants were closing. Fertile fields stood ungroomed and infested with weeds. In search of a better share, the Eastwood family, what is called, has been nomading along the west coast of the country. And only at the end of this tough decade, in 1940, they settled in one of the cities in the state of California. Here in the town of Piedmont, Clint went to school and found friends with whom he communicated over the years.

The future actor came to light on May 31, 1930 in a simple American family. The parents, Protestants by faith, were at that time living in the famous city of San Francisco. His father worked in a steelworks. The mother worked for a branch of the company that produces electronic devices. The boy received strict education within the framework of existing religious norms. In 1948, Clint graduated from technical school. During his studies, he attended a theater studio and learned to play the piano on his own. Two years before enlistment in the army the young man worked at a gas station, and in the evenings worked in bars and clubs with a taper.

Creative path 

Serving as required, Clint went to Los Angeles, where his invited the assistant of the famous director Arthur Lubin. At the first time, the novice actor got roles in episodes and massacres. The films “Revenge of the critters”, “Francis in the Navy”, “Remove all the dinghies”, but the young performer remained in obscurity. And it wasn’t until CBS began showing the series “Raw Mint Lit,” that Eastwood felt famous. As a cowboy, he felt unhinged and organic.

Clint Eastwood gained worldwide fame through a long collaboration with director Sergio Leone. Viewers and critics presented the actor as a bold and single-minded “good guy with a gun.” In 1968, Eastwood set up his own film studio and became involved in directing. From this time he was filmed only in the projects he created himself. Clint wrote scripts, picked up actors and composed music. And it all worked out brilliantly at him.

Recognition and Personal Life

Clint Eastwood’s Creativity and community activities have been honored with many awards and awards. To avoid compressing the narrative, it is enough to note that the director received his next “Oscar” at the eighth ten of his active life. He is twice a Chevalier of the French Order of Arts and Letters.

Clint Eastwood’s personal life deserves a separate description. He was formally married two times. The director has seven children. Eastwood continues to pursue his work despite his advanced age. He turned 90 this year.

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