Christine Guldbrandsen: biography, creativity, career and personal life

The singer likes to compose music. Most of the tracks of her albums are written by the vocalist herself. She is confident of the need to participate in the creation of songs, because then they become part of her, bring pleasure when performing.

The Path to the Top

Biography of a Future Celebrity began in 1985. The child appeared in the city of Bergen on March 19. From the age of three, the baby sang in the church choir. Kjetil Fluge became the manager of the 13th artist. Fifteen-year-old she performed at a local theatre. The young vocalist was paid attention by representatives of Sony Music Entertainment. The result was a contract and the beginning of work on the first album.

In 2001, the girl wrote the first essay “Fly Away”. The compilation “Surfing In the Air” was released in 2003. A wedge was recorded on the eponymous single. The song, like the disc, entered the national top 10, where it lasted 5 weeks.

The performer was presented with a young artist award for successful combination of pop career and studies. After graduating in 2004, Christina began a professional career on stage. The team started work on the second album immediately after the success of the debut disc. At the end of 2004, listeners received the novelty “Moments”. A hit was the composition “Because of you”.

New successes

For a couple of years Guldbrandsen left the stage. She then took part in the selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. In Athens, the vocals were accompanied by playing the hardingfel, a national Norwegian violin instrument performed by Thea Tunos Bratteng. In early 2008, the song came out in English.

Top of the Norwegian chart single “Alvedansen” occupied for 10 weeks. In 2007, the singer presented a new work, the native language compilation “Christine”. In “Norsktoppen”, the 5th position was held by the song “Dansekjolen”. The collection became for Christine the most personal. The artist first acted as a producer. For the exception of one folk song, she co-wrote all the compositions. The result was praised by critics.

In September 2008 Guldbrandsen took part in the musical “The Rejected” as Cosetta. She took part in the project of the company “Navia”. Together with singers from other countries, she performed singles in various genres.

Family and Stage

Together with promising Norwegian vocalists in October 2009 Christine created the band “Nightingales”. In December 2009 musicians gave concerts.

From 2010 during the year, the singer played Maria in the Norwegian version of “Sounds of Music”. At the end of 2020, the vocalist gave Christmas concerts. In 2011, the CD “Color” was released.

A celebrity took place in personal life as well. Her choice was André Dahl. They met while in school. Then the affair began. The official ceremony, after which the lovers became husband and wife, took place on July 7, 2012.

The singer calls music the main thing. She is always given most of the time. The performer calls the vocation the most desirable victim. Also Christine enjoys fast car rides and skiing.

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