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Catherine Isabel was born on November 2, 1981 in Vancouver. The girl’s real last name is Murray. Her father is artist Graham Murray and her brother is actor, director and screenwriter John Murray. The actress’s mother is Gail Johnson Murray, a writer and producer. Catherine does not advertise her personal life. She loves dogs and has a good sense of humour.

Beginning of her career

Early in her career, Katherine played in episodes of series. She got the role of Mink in “Ray Bradbury Theatre” and Violet in “Secret Agent MacGyver”. In 1989, the actress appeared as Khloe in the film “Cousins”. The melodrama tells the story of a man and woman being cheated on by spouses Meeting at a wedding, they conspired and pretended to be lovers. Isabel then starred as Catty in the drama “Cold Front”. That same year, she could be seen in the film “The Last Winter”. The drama was presented at the Vancouver, Palm Sprig and Sudbury International Film Festivals.


actress’s next work is an occasional role in the painting “The Bonds of Kinship”. She later played in the television film “The Last Train Home”. Her heroine is Sarah Bradshaw. The drama was nominated for an Emmy. Catherine then went through a casting call for a role in the TV series “The Neon Rider”, which ran from 1989 to 1995. In 1990, she received the role of Emily in the television film “Burning Bridges”. The drama’s heroes are lovers who have legitimate spouses.

The actress later played in the picture “Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus Is Actually”. In “The Hed by the Queen”, Isabel played Erica. The crime thriller tells of the murders of women during a chess tournament. The actress was then invited to play the role of Lisa in the TV series “The X-Files”. In 1993, the television series “Madison”, featuring Catherine, began screening. At the center of the drama are teenagers and their problems. Next was a role in the TV series “Lone Dove”, which ran from 1994 to 1995. The actress later received a role in the miniseries “Children of Ashes”.

In the TV series “Beyond the Possible”, Isabel played Tammy. The fantasy thriller was the winner of Saturn and Emmy awards. She could later be seen as Kat in “The Murashki”. The series ran from 1995 to 1998. Catherine then got the role of Josephine in the family film “The Elk”. The story tells how the guys helped the animal. In 1996 there was a miniseries “Titanic” featuring Isabel. In it, she played Ophelia.


The actress received the role of Fiona in “Captive of Zenda Corporation”. She could then be seen in the acclaimed TV series “Stargate: ZV-1″. Catherine’s heroine is Valencia. Next were roles in the TV series “Mentors”, “Network”, “Consequence Leads Da Vinci” and “First Wave”. In 1998, the actress played Lindst in “Indecent Behavior”. According to the story, the teenager is sent to a quiet town after his brother takes his own life. There, the hero meets new friends. The actress then got the role of Marla in “Snowy Day”.

In 2000, the horror film “Werewolf” was released, where Catherine played Ginger. The painting received “Saturn”. The actress could next be seen in the TV series “Immortal”, “The Chris Isaac Show” and “The Smallville Mysteries”. In the film “Josie and the Kitts”, Isabel had a small role. It’s a comedy about becoming a rock band. The actress then played in the TV series “Night Visions”. Her character is Vicky. In 2001, the film “Bones” was released, where she performed the role of Tia. Catherine then went through a casting call for the title role in the painting “Transforming Page”. The drama was presented at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Isabel performed the role of Erin in the film “Shot in the Face”. After she was invited to play the role of Mona in the comedy “Haunted House”. The main character is a magician living in a large house. The actress then appeared in the film “Insomnia”. In 2002, the television movie “Dew East” was released, where she played Isabel. The main character is strong and responsible, despite her young age. Catherine could then be seen in the television picture “The Secret Life of Zoe”.

The actress later worked on the TV series “John Doe”, “Sex in Another Town”, “Young Musketeers”, “Graduate Meeting”, and “Supernatural”. In 2002, she received the role of Tina in the horror film based on the Stephen King novel “Carrie”. The drama was nominated for “Saturn.” Isabel later starred in “Freddie vs. Jason”. The actress’s next job is a role in the film “Falling Angels”. The drama takes place in the 1960s. The plot tells the story of sisters who suffer from their father’s pedantry. After that, the actress played in the film “Werewolf’s Sister”. In 2004, she could be seen as Eliza in “The Last Casino”, as Ginger in “Birth of a Werewolf”, as Amber in “Life and Struggle”, as Jenna in “Show Off”.

2006, too, was fruitful for the actress. She worked in the films “Eight Days to Death”, “Engaged by Murder”, “All Around Green” and “Runaway Fire”. During the same period, she was invited to the TV series “The Clairvoyant” and “Heartland”. Catherine played Bree in the film “Another Cinderella Story” and appeared as Jessica in the painting “Ograe is the Beast”. Then came the period series: “Asylum,” “Assistants,” “The Good Wife” and “Recruit Cops.” In parallel, the actress managed to star in full-length pictures, including “Bride in the Mail”, “Fury”, “Murderous Haircut” and “Fashion Crimes: Aggressive Image”.

Catherine can be seen as Alina in “Prince of Thieves”, as Carrie in “Hell’s Race” and as Evie in “Sins of the Mother”. Among the films she starred in between 2010 and 2015 are the paintings “30 Days of Night: Dark Times”, “Smokescreen”, “Vampire”, “American Mary”, “Frozen”, “Eva- Destroyer”, “Creepy 13″ and “Torment”. She played the main characters in the films “Primate”, “See No Evil 2”, “88”, “How to Organize an Orgy in a Small Town”, “Countdown” and “Archie”, as well as the series “Little Dog” and “Secret Order”.

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