Carl Fischer: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography and personal life

Carl Fischer was born in Ibse am Danube on December 8, 1956. The actor resides in Vienna with his family. The actor’s wife is actress Susi Stach. She has performed more than 50 film roles. Souci can be seen in the film “Woman in Gold”. The couple have starred together in many projects, including the paintings “Factory Strikers”, “Case leads Schnel”, “Death in Three Days”, “Four Women and One Funeral”, “Free Radicals” and the TV series “The Commissioner Rex” and “Crime Scene”. There were two children in the Fisher and Stach family.

Beginning of his career

At the beginning of his acting career, Fisher starred in the TV series “Crime Scene”,” Commissioner Rex”, “Clinic Under Palms”. In 1999, he played in the film “Grim Sunday”. The melodrama tells of the pianist’s love for a beautiful waitress. Two more men fall in love with her. The painting was presented at Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Cleveland, Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, European Union Countries Film Festival. Karl was then invited to the TV series “Donna Leon”, “Utta Danella”, “Crime Crossword”, “The Mann Family is a Centennial Novel”.

In 2003, Fischer played Carl in the film “Free Radicals”. The drama was presented to guests of the International Film Festivals in Locarno, Toronto, New York, Tessaloniki, Rotterdam, Philadelphia, Hong Kong, Sydney, Reykjavik, Cinessonne Film Festival, European Film Week, NatFilm International Film Festival in Denmark, Belgrade Film Festival. The actor received the following roles in the series “Dream Hotel”, “Four Women and One Funeral”, “SOKO Danube”, “8 by 45”.


In 2004, Fisher played Max in the film “Silence”. The following year, he was given the role of Augustus in the painting “Klimt”. He then starred in the film “The Crown for Isabella”. In “Death at Three Days”, Fisher appeared as Berger. Next were roles in the TV series “12 Signs”, “The Case leads Schnel”, “The Day of the Triffids”, “Carlos”.

2008 earned him a role in the painting “Stay bold as before”. The following year, Carl could be seen in the film “Fish”. In 2010, the actor starred in the television picture “Just Not My Daughter” and in the film “Mahler on the Couch” as Karl Moll. In the same year he could be seen in the paintings “Day and Night” and “Trinity”. The following year Karl was invited to the films “My Best Enemy” and “Iron Hans”. He could then be seen in the “Caribbean Gold” film. Later there were roles in the TV series “Move” and the films “Ludwig Bavarian”, “Factory Strikers”, “Therapy for the Vampire”, “Woman with Shoes” and “Where I Am”.

In 2014, he received a role in the painting “Lies of the Winners”. The following year, the actor starred in the films “Hotel of Broken Hearts” and “The Village In which Everyone Was Silent.” 2016 earned him roles in the picture “Attack of Zombies in Leather Pants” and the miniseries “Pregau” and “Sacher. Temptation Story.” Among the actor’s most recent works are roles in the 2018 film “Lucky Per” and the TV series of the same name.

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