Bulls Eye: Appearance and Properties of the Stone


dark brown or maroon shade mineral has been valued for a long time. In antiquity, it was thought to protect the house from detractors, and warriors wore it under armour to avoid being injured.

Features and healing properties

Formed varieties of eye quartz due to the transformation of tiger eye under the influence of high temperatures. Produces mineral under laboratory conditions. The color is provided by the resulting hematite. The stones are divided into brown, dark brown, dark crimson and maroon.

Healers revered bull’s eye as a valuable remedy:

  • It accelerates wound healing, infection, has a hemorrhaging effect. Wearing a mascot reduces recovery period from surgeries.
  • Well proved to be amulet and in the fight against viruses and bacteria. It helps with the treatment of flu, ailments of the respiratory system. To prevent the development of viral disease, the masman-suspension is worn on the chest.
  • Effective protection is also at fever, high temperature, not knocked down by usual means. It also helps with gynecological diseases, infertility.
  • Wear stone is recommended for men’s health.

Lithotherapists use the bull eye as a remedy for addiction. The amulet will strengthen willpower by helping to get rid of bad habits.

Magic properties

If after wearing the mineral split, cracks appeared — it gave all the reserves for recovery owner, turning into an empty breed.

Esotericists are sure that self-color is an excellent protective agent. He protects against evil in any form.

  • With the constant wearing of the amulet, all conflicts cease.
  • The

  • mascot is indispensable in important negotiations, in business meetings and in difficult conversations with superiors.
  • The

  • positive energy emitted by the stone contributes to the reconfiguration of aggression to productive dialogue.
  • Improved intuition, there is the ability to anticipate the outcome of transactions to ensure financial wealth.

If the mineral is extinct, losing its silky shine, it is better to postpone the deal. It is pointless to expect a good result. Suitable mascot for people purposeful and active, ready for active actions. Passive anticipation will not improve the course of affairs.

Conformity according to Zodiac Signs

Therapeutic properties enhances the silver frame. For the guard the most suitable is the undirected suspension. Very poorly the mineral combines with gold.

Neighborhood with other stones strong and willful self-color does not bear. Wear it separately from other decorations.

The mascot fits the Scorpions perfectly. The amulet brings luck, financial wealth, getting rid of conflicts. All the business qualities of the representative of the sign Zodiac amulet will significantly enhance. Fits bull eye Capricorns, Virgo, Taurus. You can wear it to Twins and Sagittarians.

The unique stone selects the owner. It is necessary not to be guided by zodiacal affiliation, but by personal qualities.

How to recognize imitation, Mineral care rules

are often replaced by fakes. The original can be distinguished from the analogue by the brilliance. In real gems it is silky, soft. Synthetics or glass are very glare.

Natural stone maintains a cool temperature. The plastic warms up quickly, being in the hand. A sign of fake is also the lightness of weight.

Special decoration care is not required. Breaking and scratching hard stone is not easy. Therefore, it is not kept in a casket with soft silver and gold products.

Clean the accessory under running water, wiping then with a soft napkin dry.


will increase fragility and will cause color change the long stay of the mineral under the rays of the sun. Remove decorations before visiting the sauna and sauna.

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