Boris Polevoy: a brief biography

Childhood and Youth

Future Writer appeared on March 17, 1908 in an intelligent family. The parents at that time lived in Moscow. His father, who came from the spiritual estate, practiced law. The mother completed higher medical courses and worked as a doctor at the city hospital. When the boy turned five years old, his father was transferred to a new duty station in the province of Tver. It was here that the children and youth years of Boris Nikolayevich Polevoy passed. The house had a carefully chosen library. The mother took care of her son’s cultural development and advised him to read a particular book.

At school Boris studied well. I didn’t even think about writing career at first. However, under the influence of events running outside the walls of the school and the native home began to lay out his impressions on paper. The novice writer had a good mix of satirical notes and felletons for the school newspaper. After completing seven classes, Polevoy enrolled in a technical school. And here I continued to write small materials which I included in the editorial office of the newspaper “Tverskaya Pravda”. After graduating from the school, Boris worked more than a year as a technologist at a local textile factory.

In the creative field, Work

in the factory did not prevent Field from preparing articles and essays for city newspapers. In 1927, the first collection of essays titled “Memoirs of a Stitched Man” was published. The book was noticed. A positive review was written by the famous proletarian writer Maxim Gorky. After which Boris was invited to the staff of the editorial staff of the city newspaper for the position of a reporter. Meanwhile, large-scale construction of industrial enterprises was being deployed in the country. Boris drove around the buildings a lot and recorded his conversations with workers and engineering workers.

In 1939, his story “Hot Shop” was published in the pages of the magazine “October”. The publication has elicited numerous accounts of readers. Many of them recognized themselves in the heroes of the piece. When the war broke out, Polevoy was sent to the staff of the front-line newspaper “Proletarskaya Pravda”. He regularly went on business trips to the leading edge and brought materials which were immediately put “in a strip”. One day, the warlord learned of a fighter pilot who flies with leg amputees. This plot formed the basis of “The Tale of a Real Man”.

Recognition and personal life

After the war, the writer is active in social activities. Travels around the country and the world collecting information for new works. The party and government praised the writer’s work. He was given the honorary title Hero of Socialist Labour.

The personal life of the writer developed safely. With his wife Yulia Osipovna he lived all the conscious life. Husband and wife raised three children, two sons and a daughter. Boris Polevoy died in July 1981.

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