Boris Babochkin: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence The beginning of

 the 20th century is marked by revolutionary processes that fundamentally changed the existing world structure. Boris Andreevich Babochkin appeared to be a participant in large-scale events that unfolded throughout Russia. Due to the circumstances, the characters whom the actor represented on stage and on screen became folk heroes. Among such legendary personalities is the red commander of the division Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev. In the film of the same name, Babochkin sang the title role.

The future People’s Artist of the Soviet Union came to light on January 18, 1904 in an intelligent Russian family. Parents at that time lived in the famous city of Saratov. His father worked as a travel engineer on the railway. Her mother taught Russian language and literature at the gymnasium. The boy grew inquisitive and mobile. Already at four years old, he recited poems at children’s festivities and New Year trees together with his older brother Vitaly. When Boris turned eight, he was given to study at a real school.

Professional activity 

Being a “realist”, Babochkin spent all his free time in the theater studios. The aspiring actor participated in amateur performances and vaudeville. Could perform a romance or a crewman dance “bullseye”. In 1919, after graduating from school, Boris and a comrade joined the Komsomol and signed up as volunteers for the Red Army. Serving it was sent to the political department of the Fifth Army on the Eastern Front. After a year and a half he demobilized and returned to his hometown of Saratov, where he entered service in the local drama theatre.

In 1921, on the advice of his mentor, Babochkin left for Moscow to receive a professional acting education at the Young Masters studio, which was run by a renowned theatre director Illarion Singers. After receiving theoretical and practical training, Boris spent several seasons on the stage of the Voronezh Drama Theatre. In 1926, he moved to the city on the Neva and in the next season began to perform on the stage of the Leningrad Satire Theatre. At the same time Babochkin began to be invited to film.

Recognition and personal life

The star hour for the actor came after the release of the picture “Chapaev”. So far, this film is considered one of the best created at Russian film studios. Babochkin has more than thirty films in which he performed major and minor roles.

Boris Babochkin was awarded the honorary title Hero of Socialist Labour for his great contribution to the development of Soviet art. The actor is awarded many orders and medals.

Boris Andreevich’s personal life developed safely. In his late 20s, he married ballerina Ekaterina Mikhailovna Babochkina. Husband and wife lived their entire lives together under the same roof. Raised and raised two daughters. The People’s Artist of the USSR died in July 1975 of a heart attack.

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