Black amethyst: magical and healing properties of the stone

Black amethyst appeared relatively recently. Stone extraction at the present stage is carried out only in Uruguay.$ Stone is very rarely caught. Therefore, it is one of the most expensive minerals.

They use it, like other types of amethyst, in jewelry. With the help of a variety of impurities, masters of their work manage to create real masterpieces.

The first properties of the mineral were discovered while mining. Crystals are able to clear space of radiation and electromagnetic radiation. This property of black amethyst is useful enough in modern realities.


mineral is capable of absorbing negative energy. But this property is not the only one. The mineral has quite a lot of useful qualities.


healing properties of black amethyst

Lithotherapists believe that stone has incredibly powerful qualities. With it, it will be possible to cope with almost any disease. Basically the mineral is used to put the nervous system in order. If you wear a black crystal constantly, you can deal with depression.

Stone is able to calm its owner. Therefore, thanks to the mineral will become better sleep. Gem color will eliminate a problem like insomnia.

According to Indian yogis, black amethyst absorbs negative energy, ridding its owner of a wide variety of diseases. With it you can relieve pain and inflammation.

With the help of the crystal, it is possible to identify all psychological injuries sustained in the past. The stone will help to get rid of them, turn the negative into positive emotions.

The magical properties of black amethyst

Stone must be worn permanently. Its properties from this will only improve. However, it is necessary to take into account that the stone is able to absorb negative energy. It needs to be cleaned regularly. Otherwise it will start harming its owner.

To clean the mineral, it is necessary to lower it in water for a while. But it is best to rinse the stone under running water while imagining how bad energy is washed down the drain.

Black Amethyst has the following magical properties:

  1. framed in silver stone will help you advance the career ladder and create friendly relations with almost any human;
  2. stone combined with silver will help the girl to become pregnant;
  3. men such gemcolor is necessary to strengthen relationships;
  4. mineral combined with gold will help restore and correct energy flows;
  5. gold earrings with black amethyst strengthen and restore vision.

Black crystal can be transferred by inheritance. In this case, its magical and medicinal properties will be enhanced.

Who does black amethyst fit?

Astrologers recommend wearing the mineral to Aquarius, Gemini and Lights. Representatives of these zodiacal signs will be able to take advantage of all properties of the mineral. Black amethyst will become a loyal assistant for them in all spheres of life. It will suit stone and other “water” signs.

To refuse to buy black amethyst costs the Lions and Taurus. Representatives of these signs have a completely different energy. Not only will the stone not help them, but it will also hurt them.

The remaining signs of the zodiac mineral are allowed to wear. The stone will not help, but it will not harm.

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