Belomorite: appearance, features and properties of the stone

The first mentions of unusual self-color came in 1925. While walking along the shore of the White Sea, the mineral was discovered by Soviet minerologist Alexander Fersman. The glow of the stone reminded the scientist of a shimmering summer night sea.

Appearance and features

The variety of feldspar is characterized by layered structure, small hardness and great fragility. The mineral of white shade in sunlight casts greenish, golden or azure color. The vernacular name of the gems is “fisheye”.

An amazing feature of the jewels is internal illumination, aduliriscence or blue flicker effect. Particularly beautifully manifests the property in the decorations. Therefore, white morite willingly use jewelers. Most often, we fix products into white metal.


bizarre shape to give the stone does not allow its fragility. Therefore, the most common form remains drop-shaped. Large ball-shaped gems of gems are quite popular.


Has stone and magical properties. He endows the bearer with a passion for order. The owner doesn’t just start cleaning the house, but also seeks to sort out his own feelings and thoughts.


Since the gemcolor arouses interest in building home comfort, it is usually given to young hostesses.

Promotes amulet resolution of problems and attaining peace of mind. The stone of good mood is preferred by men seeking to order their life.

According to signs, put in the day of the Holy under a pillow white morit will show the unmarried girl her constricted. The mineral develops intuition, protects against negativity, eliminates depression.


There are jewels and healing properties. Fish eye endows a more attentive attitude to health, disciplines. Self-color has a positive effect on the work of the nervous system.

Belomoritis contributes to improving circulation, normalization of sleep and getting rid of headaches. It is believed that the stone helps facilitate pregnancy and childbirth.

The perfect mascot will be a gemcolor for representatives of the water elements.

Compatible with Zodiac signs

It fits Scorpions, Fish and Cancer. Strengthen the amulet leadership abilities, give intuition. Representatives of other signs of the Zodiac will also be able to wear the guard.

The rams will become more disciplined, find the tranquility of the Aquarius.

Learn to plan the future and make the right decisions of the Gemini. However, wearing jewelry is best only during the growing moon period.

There is no impact on Dev and Taurus stone. However, wear it constantly should not. Negatively affects the representatives of Lviv and Capricorns.


To treat the “fish eye” is necessary very carefully. To keep the spectacular radiance for a long time it is necessary:

for cleaning you can not use even soap solution, much less chemistry;

  • protect decorations from falls;
  • store in a dark place separately from other products;
  • avoid getting on stone hygiene products, remove before bathing.

For cleaning from dirt, the gemcolor is put in cool clean water for a quarter of an hour or washed under the running.

It is not uncommon to find glass fakes. The main difference is noble uncatchy radiance. Cheap natural mineral never looks, unlike brilliant catchy imitation. At right angles, the real stone never highlights, otherwise it looks from different points. For counterfeiting, it’s not peculiar.

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