Bella Ahmadulina: a brief biography

Childhood and youth The works of

 Bella Ahmadulina differ significantly in thematic direction from the poetry of her contemporaries. The poet is kind of wary of politics. Although in reality, it was not always possible to stay on the sidelines. The works created by Ahmadulina are distinguished by their chamberhood and subtle understanding of the inner world of man. At the same time, she demonstrated principle in assessments and a clear civic position. Critics at one time noted that such character traits and manners of behavior are more common to members of the male population.

The future poet appeared on April 10, 1937 in the family of Soviet employees. The parents at that time lived in Moscow. His father worked in Komsomol and party bodies. The mother served as an interpreter for the state security agencies. During her childhood years, the girl spent most of her time with her grandmother. At birth, when the baby was chosen for a name, she suggested naming baby Isabella. Granddaughter learned lessons and instructions with great attention. They read together not only folk tales, but also works of classics of Russian literature.

Creative way

When the war broke out, his father went to the front, and little Bella was evacuated to Kazan. A second grandmother lived here. In 1944, the girl returned home and went to school. The contiguity of Ahmadulin’s studies was not different. Frequently walked lessons. She liked the lessons of Russian language and literature most. Bella stood out among her peers with readability and general erudition. To put words into rhymed lines she started early. When Ahmadulina turned 18, the first selection of her poems was published in “October” magazine.

After graduating, Ahmadulina tried to join the journalism faculty at Moscow State University, but did not pass through the competition. Not particularly upset, she became a student of the Literary Institute a year later. In her third year, she was expelled for, one of the few, refusing to support the etching of the famous poet Boris Pasternak. Resolute Bella went to the distant Siberian city of Irkutsk, where she worked for a year at the local newspaper. Life “deep in Siberian ores”, only tempered Ahmadulina’s character. She returned to Moscow a poet already held.

Recognition and personal life

In the early 60s, Bella Ahmadulina’s name was always mentioned in a number of prominent Soviet poets. In 1962 saw the light of the first collection of poems by the poet entitled “String”. She works hard and performs. For his great contribution to the development of domestic literature, the poet was awarded with the orders of “Friendship of Peoples” and “For Merit to the Fatherland”.

Bella Ahmadulina’s personal life piled up unevenly. The first time she married a shop colleague, Yevgeny Yevtushenko. After three years, the couple separated. And only on the fourth attempt did she find a family hearth together with the decorator Boris Messerer. Poetessa died after a severe prolonged illness in the fall of 2010.

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