Beads Kirov: a brief biography

Childhood and Youth The

 future performer of pop songs came to light on September 4, 1942. The family lived at that time in the capital of the Bulgarian Kingdom – the city of Sofia. His father served as pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Her mother, a professional artist, was involved in decorating sets in the capital’s theatre. The boy grew up and developed in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect. During his childhood years, Beeser often spent summer time in his father’s homeland, in the small mountain village of Chokmanovo. Here he was introduced to folk songs and ancestral traditions.

From his early years, Kirov displayed his vocal and musical abilities. Already at the age of five, he had mastered the technique of playing the violin and later the guitar. At the gymnasium, Beeser studied very well and completed his studies with a gold medal. In 1961 he was called into the ranks of the armed forces. Serving the future composer fell out in the artillery division. Returning to the citizen, he enrolled in the specialty “Semiconductors and Dielectrics” at the Sofia Institute of Chemistry and Technology. It should be noted that in the army, and in the student years Kirov did not leave classes of music and vocals.

In the creative field

Bead Kirov’s stage career began in 1967, when he was invited to composition of the ensemble “Balkanton”. A few months after his debut, the singer took part in the international youth festival of political song “Red Carnation”, which was held in the Soviet city of Sochi. Took part and won the third place. During the years of his versatile work, Kirov gave almost five thousand concerts, of them about two thousand in the Soviet Union. In his many interviews, he referred to Russia as his creative homeland. Especially the singer enjoyed performing somewhere in the outback, singing for provincial audiences.

It is important to emphasize that the singer and composer were well received in other countries of the socialist commonwealth. Kirov performed frequently in East Germany, Poland, Cuba. Records with recordings of the voice of the Bulgarian singer diverged large circulation in the states of Eastern Europe. Beiser worked for more than seven years on Russian television. He acted as host of children’s programs “Golden Key” and “Wonderful Tale”.

Recognition and personal life

As a composer, Beeser wrote over three hundred songs in many European languages. For nearly five years, Beeser Kirov served as advisor to the Bulgarian Embassy in the Russian Federation He was regularly invited as a member of the jury to various music competitions and festivals.


maestro’s personal life developed safely. In a distant 1969, Kirov married Mitka Tsvetanova, with whom he studied at the institute. Husband and wife raised and raised two children, a son and a daughter. Beader Kirov died of a stroke in November 2016.

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