Baransky Nikolayevich: biography, career, personal life

He is called the father of Soviet economic geography, and his technique is today studied and applied in Russia and abroad. The recognized classic and great scholar in his youth was still that bully. He was beckoned not by dangerous adventures, but by the dream of creating a just state.



came to light in July 1881 in Tomsk. His father was a schoolteacher. The Baransky family by the standards of the Russian province lived well. The parents wanted their heir to receive a good education and continued the faculty dynasty.

Tomsk is the hometown of Nikolai Baransky. Antique postcard

Boy from his early years showed a keen interest in the sciences. In the Tomsk gymnasium he surprised everyone with his success. Papenka was very pleased that his child is on a good score at the mentors. When the teenager began to visit the printing shops of the city, adults didn’t suspect anything bad. For sure Nikolai wants to be aware of the novelties that are out of print. No one suspected that the gymnasiste beckoned not books, but conversations of workers, in which they discussed the current political situation and criticized the government.


Gymnasium of boys finished in 1899 with a gold medal. This allowed him to enter Imperial Tomsk University without difficulty. Excellent was already a member of an underground organization. In 1901 he took part in an anti-government demonstration. For such an antics the student was expelled from the university. The incident did not cool the young man’s love for science. He took up sociological research. Soon from under his pen came labor devoted to the welfare of peasants of immigrants of Barnaul County.

Nikolay Baransky

Political activity Nikolay Baransky also did not stop. In 1902, he gathered like-minded people who became the basis for the creation of a cell in Siberia RSDRP. The following year, the former student was elected to the party’s regional leadership. Comrades sent a competent guy on a tour of the cities of Russia to agitate youth. Kolya visited Samara, Yekaterinburg, Perm and attracted the attention of security guards. I had to go home, but I didn’t sit. In 1905 our hero moved to Chita, where he continued his revolutionary work.


series of failures

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Gendarmes were not going to tolerate the fact that right under their noses are rampant opponents of the monarchy. In 1906, the underground organization in Chita was crushed, Baransky managed to escape to Ufa. There he was arrested and sent to prison. There was not much evidence on him, so soon the young man was again on the loose. He went to Kiev, where he was again detained and imprisoned. The authorities tried to arrest the unreliable citizen in advance, and in 1908 solved the problem, sending him to the Ufa Governorate.

Convicted (1879). Artist Vladimir Makovsky

About the personal life of our hero is not known. He didn’t have a wife, spoiled by constant arrests biography scared away from him girls from decent families, he didn’t make a career, wealth didn’t gain. In 1910. Nikolay Baransky stacked off. He enrolled at the Moscow Commercial Institute. After receiving his diploma in 1914, the young economist joined the main committee of Zemsky and city unions.

Transmission its experience

Revolution of 1917 brought the rebel back into line. Nikolay Nikolaevich sympathized with the Mensheviks internationalists, but when disputes began in their ranks regarding the possibility of unification with the Bolsheviks, he joined the RCP (b). The famous clandestine in 1920 was sent to the Siberian Higher Party School to teach economics. A year later he returned to the Mother See, where he continued lecturing students. There he met Sergei Bernstein-Kogan, who was organizing the Department of Economic Geography at Moscow University. The scientist husband had no difficulty attracting a new buddy to his work.

In 1929 Professor Baransky organized the Department of Economic Geography at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Moscow State University, which was headed until 1946. Here our hero engaged in scientific work and development of his own concept of assessment of different regions in terms of their economic activity. It was necessary to try the hand and in literary work – textbooks for students Nikolay Nikolaevich wrote himself.

Textbook compiled by Nikolai Baransky

Achievements and Memory

In kind of this man there was a thirst justice. In 1939 he received the title of corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. After 7 years, the respected scholar could be elected academician, but himself declined to nominate his candidacy in favor of his colleague Lev Berg, whom he considered more worthy of a high rank. Without awards, the freedomet was not left, he was awarded a number of high orders and medals, among them the Stalin Prize and the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

A country with a one-party system of governance needed to form a specific, own scientific concept of public sciences. Nikolai Baransky’s ideas soon became a single variant of economic geography. This could not but affect the attitude towards his writings of the forces that seized power after the collapse of the Soviet Union. During his life, which broke out in 1963, the professor wrote about 500 books, his name was known not only in the Country of Soviets. Baransky’s approach to economic geography was not rejected; his theories continue to be studied today.

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