Band Odessa: band history, participants, interesting facts

Strokes to the portrait of the group creator

 Unsophisticated users of information Internet resources call BAND ODESSA instead of the band “gang” and believe that it is association of street dancers, chanson musicians and performers of blat songs from the city “by the Black Sea”. More advanced access the website, which hosts official information about the team. The promotional post reads (punctuation saved): “Doing remixes of songs that are better than the originals!! Any events in Germany!! DJ, Disco, CD!! Telephone: 0931 6666443”

As creator, sole member and contact person, guitarist and vocalist from the German city of Würzburg Arnold Richter (BAND ODESSA – BAVARIA – Arnold Richter Leader-vocals). The type of his creative activity – musical accompaniment of Russian-language events, services of DJ and tamada at family holidays. In addition – the offer of discs with their records and advertising catering agency “Natalie”. There are no photos of the collective on any of the Internet resources, except for a few pictures of 20 years ago, which depict a man and a woman. Contact them, in addition to the specified contact phone, can be reached by e-mail:

So it happened that in 2017 one of the users of social networks recognized Tolik Aranovich in the creator of BAND ODESSA — the native of Soviet Ukraine, who in the dashing 90’s, taking his spouse with him, moved to the PMJ to Germany. Presumably he is a native Vlasovka of Luhansk region, from the family of “Russian Germans”. In his youth, the USSR was fond of popular music, together with his wife played in KVN. With the coming of perestroika I tried to conduct business activities. But this information from the owner of the account in “Odnoklassniki” with the nickname BAND ODESSA still remains without refutation or confirmation. The only illustration of the Soviet past of the current Bavarian is a comment and photo of relatives posted on his page in May 2019.

Judging by the video reviews regularly published here, in their spare time a couple who emigrated to Germany often visit Baraholki — Bavarian flea bazaar, drains “1 euro”, local social and antique shops. Items of their interest in the substance markets are antique porcelain and ceramics, metal and stone decorations. Internet – trade rarities the musician carries out through the social network “VKontakte”.

Arnold Richter does not publish in the network photos or promotional materials of the group, the creator of which he positions himself. But as they say in Russia, “sewing in a bag will not withhold”. On one of their holidays, someone from the German Russian-speaking diaspora captured the performance of a musical collective in telnyashki called BAND ODESSA.

Creativity of the Coverer and Clipmaker

Ultimate Creative Product BAND ODESSA — homemade videos shot on remakes and parodies of Russian chanson, retro song and Soviet sluggers of the 1980s. To date, the number posted on YouTube is about 200. The music creator simultaneously acts as a clipmaker, as evidenced by the label and the presence of the watermark. There are also clips produced by Valery Pleseinov, a pensioner from the city. Lipetsk. In his account the lover of photography and video montage, Russian chanson and comedies Gaidai wrote that he has “more than 350 clips from “Band Odessa”.

According to professional arrangers, the band BAND ODESSA is represented in a singular person. They give such an appreciation to the covers: recordings are not studio, “tracks are good, though made on self-play”, music “scored on keys by one person and performed by a couple of good vocalists”. Clips sometimes feature attractive female musicians dressed in an inherent style, in telniashki. But only on these frames it is impossible to conclude that they are members of the collective.

The owner of a nickname in the network BAND ODESSA does not reveal his identity for 20 years. Until the mid-2000s I communicated with Russian minuses on profile sites. There flashed a couple of messages from music authors saying he had “borrowed” their arrangements, and his accounts soon became unactive. In 2017, the musician began to actively establish independent promotion through the channel on YouTube.

The video series for the clips is represented either by slicing from films of Soviet time or by a montage of fragments of performances by various dance groups, both professional and amateur. The latter was the reason for BAND ODESSA’s popularity on the internet. And at the same time served as a reason for the intense in 2018 and not subsided so far disputes regarding the creative appearance of the group. Many people note that in these amateur videos the music goes against the rhythmic pattern and the nature of the dance fragments that illustrate it.

The fact is that the video shows include footage of performances by professionals and fans of club dances that are popular both in the west and in our country:

  • swing, lindy-hop (and their varieties — push, whip, karolinian shag, jitterbug);
  • step, charleston, boogie-woogie, rock and roll;
  • hispanic salsa, bachata, kizomba;
  • brazilian lambada, indian dance abdomen, etc.

The most talked about on the network were clips that use recordings of Swing Dance Clubs competitions and Lindy-hop World Championships.

Aforamerican swing was moved from the street to parquet dance floors in the 1930s. In the modified and Europeanized version since the beginning of the 1980s it began to be performed by modern lindyhopers. Essentially swing dancing is a visualization of jazz. And therefore simply cannot be an illustration of covers of songs of Russian retro, disco rhythms, blat repertoire and other works in the style of “tytz-tys-tyts” and “un-tsa-tsa” — neither on syncopated rhythmics nor on peculiar temperamence of the dancers’ movements.

Combines both components of BAND ODESSA clips one – the emotional background embedded in the music fabric and dance pattern. On the one hand – the inherent Western Lindy-hop energetic and impulsive “leaps and swirls” with elements of acrobatics. On the other – a clear and backwater rhythm of quail and parodies of the most popular Russian, Soviet and Russian slashers.

Whether such an “international mix” has the right to exist is ultimately up to specialists. Due to disagreements and disputes already twice YouTube channel BAND ODESSA has been blocked for violation of rules and misleading users. Currently, “Band Odessa” continues to function and “shackles” through social networks the results of its creativity. Opinion of Internet users who put clips “likes” — BAND ODESSA “cheers and lifts spirits”.

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