Band “Arabesque”: a history of success

The history of a German women’s music group began in 1978. The famous maître disco, composer Frank Farian, registered a new team in Offenbach, where he owned a studio. The ladies’ collective regularly released new singles, often heard on dance floors.


The new ensemble, named as a famous ballet figure, “Arabesque”, included Karen Ann Tepperiz, Michaela Rosé and Mary Ann Nagel. The girls recorded the hit “Hello, Mr. Monkey”. Then the participants left Nagel. In her place came Jasmine Vetter, formerly part of the German gymnastics team.

After the first album “Friday night”, Tepperiz was replaced by Heike Rimbe. The girl also left the band after completing work on the first half of the compilation “City cats” in 1979.

Sandra Lauer was a new contestant. Together with Jasmine and Michaela, she remained for the rest of the collective’s existence. A seventeen-year-old girl instantly became an informal leader: she soloed in most singles.


In Germany, the fashionable “ladies trio” was treated calmly. The song “Marigot bay” was named the biggest success. The composition climbed to number 3 on the national charts. But the popularity of the group constantly grew in the countries of Asia. The team enjoyed special love in Japan: the trio became an analogue of “ABBA”.

Vocalists gained attention in 1978 producer “Jhinko Music” in Cannes. To popularize the creativity of bright girls in his homeland Mr. Quito made a lot of effort.

In Japan, “Arabesque” performed annually. The 1982 concert released on cassette and records. Then there was a kind of video compilation “Greatest hits”. In total, the team visited the Land of the Rising Sun 6 times. All the rights to the publication of the girls’ compositions were bought by the Japanese, so the number of sold discs exceeded 10 million. The most popular performer of the 70-80s was the team and in Argentina, the USSR. On the charts in Scandinavia, France, Italy, the band’s singles ranked high.

New successes

During all the time ofthe career of no one was not a single failure. Singers performed both dance songs, slow lyrics, and rock and roll. At the same time, there was not even a hint of the primitiveness of many “gurl-band” of the time. A happy number of the band chose 10, because each album always has ten songs.

The team ceased to exist in 1984. Sandra’s solo career successfully developed. The popular singer in the 90s became the voice of the project “Enigma”. The duo “Rouge” was created by Jasmine and Michaela. It revealed Jasmine’s vocal talent.

The pop band reunion took place on December 16, 2006 in the show “Legends of Retro FM”. The collective from Michaela Rosé, Sabine Kemper and Zilke Brauner is called “Arabesque feat”. In 2017 there was a digital release of “Zanzibar” performed by Michaela.


popularity of old Arabesque songs does not diminish. All albums are constantly reissued by “Victor”, the Japanese branch of “BMG”. In 2002, the compilation “Greatest hits” is presented in DVD disc format.

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