“Baccara”: the story of a popular duo

Sing Maria and Maite decided, as they were sure they wouldn’t dance all their lives. And girls as if they proved the name of the duo: without the spikes of roses don’t happen.


History of the group began with the acquaintance of Maite Mateos and Maria Mendiola in 1977. The girls quickly found common ground.

They decided to form a band, calling it from Maria’s submission “Baccara”. The female vocalists made their debut in the nightclub. Then there were flamenco and performance hits at the Fuerteventura island’s “Tres Islas” hotel.

Talented bright girlfriends the record company management invited to Hamburg. Produced by the artists was Rolf Soya. The debutantes presented the single “Yes Sir I Can Boogie” to the public. It ranked 7th in the list of best-selling compositions. The Baccarat group has loudly declared itself to the world.


There was a music video, an album titled “Baccara” was released. It went platinum twice. In 1978 the duo represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision contest with the song “Parlez-Vous Français?”. The 7th place performers recorded the compilation “Light My Fire”.


next hit, “The Devil Sent You To Laredo”, appeared in 1979. In the German charts, it ended up in the top ten. The successful single was included on the following compilation “Colours”. The duo performed a lot, enjoyed special attention from the press.

The composition “Sleepy Time Boy/Candido” in 1980 led to a breakup with the producer. The new 1981 compilation was unsuccessful. The artists came to the decision to terminate their cooperation. Each ex-participant went their way.

New projects

Work with Rolf Soya continued Maite Mateos. However, they failed to revive the successful duo. After changing two dozen participants, Maite decided on a solo career. In the late nineties, the singer took part in the Baccara-2000 project.

In 2004 Maite participated with the song “Soy tu Venus por esta noche” in the Swedish competition “Melodifestivalen-2004”. Together with Christina Sevilla, she released a new CD. With Paloma Blanco, the singer presented the compilation “Satin… In Black & White” in 2008.

In the eighties, Maria Mendiola founded the group “New Baccara”. Together with Marissa Pérez, she sang dance hits; however, the singers failed to repeat the success of “Baccarat”. Marissa was replaced by Cristina Sevilla, ex-participant of the Baccarat 2000 project. For a time she was replaced on stage by Maria’s niece Laura. Together with Mendiola, the second soloist performed songs of the brand “New Baccara”.

The band concerts, takes part in TV programs. Maria took place in person. Happy wife and mother became three times grandmother, adores traveling and does not stop doing dancing. Mateos art choreography teaches.

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