Ashot Ghazaryan: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Ashot Surenovich in 2006 created the school “Speech, Laughter, Humor”. At the same time, the performer became the Honorary Citizen of Yerevan

The search for a vocation


biography of the future entertainer began in 1949. The boy was born in Yerevan on May 15 in the family of a school principal and a teacher. Besides Ashot, the parents raised two more sons and a daughter. Brothers became physicists, serious science is engaged in sister.

And the future celebrity has not been inspired by such a future. From the early years, the child showed a short amount of artistic ability. Everyone engaged in creativity in the family. My father played the camanch admirably. In the choir of the Mother See Etchmiadzina was sung by Mama. However, parents decided to give their children a serious and thorough education.

At school, the student conducted all creative evenings, was established in KVN. A brilliant artistic career he was read by all others around him. Immediately after school for a year the youngster played on the stage of the capital’s Drama Theatre. In 1968, the son did not decide to upset his parents with the choice of the Yerevan Art and Theatre Institute. Even becoming his student, he told at home that he had entered an agricultural university. The deception quickly opened up, but still the son’s choice parents acknowledged. Ashot lived up to their hopes, completing his education with distinction in 1973.

The graduate was admitted to the company of the Armenian State Academic Theatre named after Sundukyan. He was part of it until 1974. And in 1976 Ghazaryan became the soloist of the group of the variety “Merry Hour” and the conférancier of the ensemble “Urartu”. He later moved to the group as a soloist, and a year later became known both as the production director of the Armconcerto, as the artistic director of the group “Only Laughter” and the ensemble “Nairi”, and as his one of its leading performers.


Audience recognition the young artist gained quickly. It was distinguished by striking benevolence, sincerity and utter dedication. The public did not diverge even when lights and heating were shut down. Often concerts were held by candlelight and an idle microphone. Not only the capital of Armenia, but also the province of the republic received the artist’s warmth. Despite the difficult time of the nineties, rural clubs were always crowded, where meetings with Ghazaryan were held.

Sometimes it was necessary, contrary to the established schedule of concerts, to come to neighboring villages to fulfill the requests of their residents to perform. Special success was enjoyed by the audience of his revue “Golden Autumn”. That being said, the actor is sure to get bored with his presence on the screen for 24 hours, should not. From the idol, the public should rest: it is useful to both sides. That is why Ghazaryan does not accept invitations to participate from well-known modern TV programs.


made its film debut in 1969. Ashot Surenovich played in the film “The Shore of Youth”, a story about Karegin and his friends who started the oil field in the country. Then there was work in the painting “The Blue Lion” and voicing “Brave Nazar”.

In the film “Sister from Los Angeles”, the hero of Ghazaryan became Armen. The painting shows the striking adventures of the leaders of two mafia groups with kidnappings, chases, swapping heroes and changing clothes. And ahead – a reassessment of priorities, and a bright feeling, and even a romantic denouement.

New plans The

artist took part in the video project “Our yard” since 1996 for a decade in the image of Ashot. He starred in all parts of the film. The painting shows the usual life of the inhabitants of the Yerevan courtyard, street showdowns and minor intrigues, unique kindness and love stories.

Claims of the house management are already all fed up, and the gossip girl – the neighbor past his ears doesn’t miss another hearing, long to quote read read is adored by a bad freak, there is still an unlucky artist and official with the kindest soul. Each character is quite colorful.

There was an

uneasy relationship between all the heroes. Often they simply spark tension, but at the first danger of appearing and instilling strangers claiming the role of owners of the patio, neighbors forget about differences and jointly defend each other, preserving both traditions and the spirit of the native courty.$

The artist’s new work “Three Weeks in Yerevan” was released on the screen in 2016. In the film comedy, he played the role of the chief of police. According to the story, two friends, Armen and Raffi, arrive to shoot the film from Los Angeles. However, there are many surprises waiting for them in Yerevan. We will have to look for not only a set for filming, but also actors, and funds. An ingenious idea finds itself in danger of disruption. Unawaited meetings, sudden revelations and simply frantic incidents call into question the very existence of the project.

In 2019, in the painting “Honest Thieves”, Ashot Surenović appeared in the image of Wazgen.

School and family

In addition to television and cinema, the actor is busy with his own project, “School-studio acting, stage word, laughter and humor”. Children from 7 to 17 can engage in it. Accept all comers, there is no selection as such. According to the founder of the studio, talented students all initially. In addition to dancing, acting and vocals, the school teaches cultural history.

Happily developed and personal life of the performer. With their elect Melania, a chemist by education, they became husband and wife. The family first appeared a son, then a daughter was born. After the birth of the firstborn spouse of the artist made the decision to go to work with her husband.

They have more than a third of a century sounding creative and family duo. The dynasty was not continued by the children. The son Arman chose the path of Arabist and jurist, but he did not withdraw completely from creativity. His songs are performed by nationally known showbiz stars.

Ashot Surenovich himself adores painting. However, you can do your favorite hobby only in rare free hours. He continues to play on stage, deals with his school, performs with pupils at charity concerts.

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