Arseniy Tarkovsky: a brief biography

Starting conditions 

Destiny wanted Arseniy Tarkovsky to join literary classes from an early age. The future Soviet poet and translator came to light on June 25, 1907 in the family of a servant and became the second son in the house. Parents at that time lived in Ukraine, in the city of Elisavetgrad. His father, descended from impoverished Polish nobles, served as an official at the Public Bank and cooperated with local newspapers at the same time as his main work. The mother, of nationality Romanian, taught Russian at the school, was engaged in housekeeping and child-rearing.

His father attended literary studio classes and often took his sons with him. Mastitic poets from Moscow regularly came to the city. Arseny attended with interest the creative evenings of Fyodor Sologub, Igor Severyanin, Konstantin Balmont and other guests from the capital. No wonder the boy read a lot and started composing poetry himself. At school Tarkovsky studied well. His favorite subjects were history and literature. After graduating from a seven-year school, he went to Moscow, to relatives, and entered the State Literary Courses under the Union of Poets.

Creative career In his

student years Tarkovsky regularly communicated with Georgi Shengeli, who taught in courses. On the advice of his senior comrade Arseniy began to engage in translations of verse works of poets from the Caucasus, from Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and other republics of the Soviet Union. He collaborated with the editorials of the newspaper “Goudok” and “Spotlight” magazine for several years. He wrote plays and other texts for All-Union Radio. In the mid-30s, several collections with poetry translations by Tarkovsky came out. In 1940 he was admitted to the Union of Writers of the USSR.

During the war Arseniy Aleksandrovich served in the editorial staff of the army newspaper “Combat Anxiety”. It had to participate in clashes with the enemy as well. Tarkovsky was awarded the orders of “Patriotic War” and “Red Star”. In one of fights the correspondent was seriously wounded, after which guards of the captain demobilized on the civilian. After returning to the writing table, Tarkovsky continued to pursue literary work. Readers knew him well as a translator. The first collection of his own poems, titled “Before the Snow”, came out only in 1962.

Recognition and personal life 

The creative activity of Arseny Tarkovsky was appreciated. The poet was awarded the orders of the “Red Banner of Labor” and “Friendship of Peoples”. For his great contribution to the development of friendship of peoples the poet was awarded the State Prize of the USSR

Arseniy Tarkovsky’s personal life cannot be called smooth. He was legally married three times. The first family had a son and a daughter. The son, Andrei Tarkovsky, became a well-known film director. Daughter Marina is a writer. The poet died in May 1989 after a prolonged illness.

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