Arkady Ukupnik: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence

 When people of the older generation reminisce about their happy childhood, then very much in these memories is true. Every young person was opened up to all opportunities to realize their natural abilities. The biography of Arkady Semenovich Ukupnik can serve as a clear confirmation of that. The future singer and composer came to light on February 18, 1953 in an intelligent Soviet family. At that time, the parents lived in the city of Kamenets-Podolsky in Ukraine. His father taught high school mathematics and his mother Russian.

The boy grew up in a benign setting. He was loved in the most serious way prepared for independent life. He began receiving his musical education at the age of six, a year before entering comprehensive school. He studied Arkady very not badly. At the same time spent all his free time in rehearsals of musical numbers of artistic self-activity. In high school, Ukupnik organized a school vocal-instrumental ensemble that played pop music at dances and ceremonial events.

Creative activity

Parents did not resist Arcadia’s musical hobbies. At the same time strongly advised him to get an education that will allow to earn on a piece of bread in any situation. The young man was respectful of the advice and instructions of the senior. After graduating, Ukupnik left for Moscow and became a student at Bauman Higher Technical School at the first attempt. In 1976, he was presented with a diploma of engineer in welding equipment and technology. Stressful student life did not limit Arcadia in musical work.


cool bass guitarist was invited to various creative groups. Arkady gained experience in the ensemble “Magistral”, under the direction of Yuri Antonov, in the orchestra of Leonid Utesov, toured with Stas Namin’s band. It was time and Ukupnik began to take vocal and musical works of his own composition to the audience. In 1982, he took to the stage as a performer. The audience accepted the singer kindly, but one song for popularity was small.

Recognition and personal life

of All-Russian fame came to Ukupnik in the 90s. Fans and fans enthusiastically accepted songs performed by the author “Daisy”, “Sim-Sim, open up”, “I’ll never marry you”, “Petrukha” and many others. In 2004 Arkady Semenovich was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of Russia”.


maestro’s personal life has developed ambiguously. Arkady was legally married three times. Every time the couple had a baby. Today, the musician lives under the same roof with his wife Natalia. The upbringing of his son and two daughters takes a possible part.

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