Appearance, features and properties of allanite

Sometimes found gradient crystals with thin layers of milky tone. The color depends on the concentration of silicon. Often the composition includes beryllium and magnesium. Allanite was officially named after the Scottish scientist Thomas Allan who discovered it in Greenland in 1810. The mineral is also called ortitis, muromontite, bagrationite.

Appearance, features

Gem color with metal or glass gloss changes color when light changes. Strong heating causes deformation of the not-too-hard mineral, it becomes even more brittle.

Use stone to obtain its constituent components. Since muromontite does not conduct electricity. Samples are used as hardware stands and cooking hobs for the kitchen.

Only sometimes allanite is used in jewelry: due to the radioactivity of crystals, contact with the human body is undesirable.


U mineral has a lot of interesting and useful properties. Thus, esotericists argue that the stone perfectly protects against negative effects and enhances intuition. Pendant with self-color is worn on themselves or hung on the mirror to protect themselves from evil forces.


It is recommended to take the crystal with you to important negotiations, during which you will have to defend your opinion. Muromontit does not fit all signs of the Zodiac. It is ideal for the water elements. Fish with it will gain purpose, unlock potential and pass the right way through life.

The crayfish will overcome the turmoil, and the Scorpions will multiply the strength and preserve energy. The rest of the zodiacal circle will not be able to take full advantage of the magical properties of the stone, but the mascot will not cause harm to them.


mineral is believed to patronize the bearers of the names Inessa, Sophia, Karina, Agatha and Jeanne. It is useful to wear such amulets to men who have been named Adam, Sviatoslav, Leo, Yaroslav and Christian. The largest power possesses the mascot in the form of jewelry with the name of the holder engraved on it. However, wearing a constantly accessory is not recommended so as not to lose touch with reality.


Attention deserves a touch of self-color. Dark crystals have an invigorating effect. This mascot fits hypotonics, as it increases pressure, improving performance and well-being.

Hypertensive agents are better to choose clear or yellow samples to get rid of fatigue and calm down.


Since the mascot is able to take away negative energy, the amulet needs cleaning. To do this every month, put the stone overnight in saline and then rinse with clean water.

The specimen must be protected from shock and fall from height. Keep accessories separate from other decorations in the dark. It’s very good to put them in a velvet-upholstered casket.

In the sun, the mineral should stay no longer than a few minutes daily, as ultraviolet destroys ortitis.

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