Anushka Delon: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Except native celebrity speaks four foreign languages. Anuschka Delon gives heterochromia: the celebrity has eyes of different colors, one is brown, the other is blue.

The road to recognition

The biography of the future star began in 1990. The girl was born in Gien on November 25 in the family of model Rosalie van Bremen and actor Alain Delon. Despite the love for their daughter, the parents did not pamper the baby. She always knew that she would have to seek recognition herself. She has done this task admirably.

For the first time on screen, the girl appeared at 12 as lead character Patricia Bullit. Together with her father, she played in the film adaptation of Kessel’s novel “The Lion”. The obedient and hesitant Anushka began her studies in “Cours Simon” in 2007. In 2010 the girl became a graduate. Since 2011 she has been part of the troupe of the Théâtre Bouff-Parisien.

Cinema and Theatre

In several productions she played with Alain Delon. The first collaboration was the play “Ordinary Day”. In it Delones played father and daughter, and the play itself was created by the author specifically for Anushka.

Careers were not easy. The bearer of the famous surname refused to film: too often she was compared to her father. Anushka was involved in voice-acting films. As a narrator she performed in the 2011 TV projects “Intimate Life During Occupation” and “Love During Occupation”.

The actress herself played in many TV series. At one ceremony, the actress presented a prestigious film award. The organizers offered her to take part in the award not as Delon’s daughter, but as quite a held performer.

The girl participated in the TV show. In 2013, she appeared in the French adaptation of the program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, where she proved well on the intellectual side in tandem with the star parent. In 2015, the girl took part in the popular TV show Fort Boyard.”

Family and creativity


actress gives most of her life to the theater. There’s a bit of work in her filmography. In 2019, the celebrity appeared in the comedy picture “Complete Similarity”. At the same time, the star first appeared on the Cannes festival red carpet as an aspiring film actress.

In 2020, the star’s new work was the musical film “Le CafĂ© de mes Souvenirs”. In it Anushka’s heroine was Maria. In the painting “I love you coiffure”, the performer was played by Chantal.

The theater played an important role in the personal life of the performer. It was in the troupe that Anushka met future choice and husband Julien Derams in 2010. The pair’s first joint production was the play “Libre sont les papillons” in 2015. The young people made no secret of the relationship, attending secular events and film ceremonies together.

In February 2020, a son appeared in the family.

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