Anton Zakharov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Anton Zakharov is an illustrious racing driver. He has repeatedly become the champion of Russia, is the master of sports and the coach of the highest category.


Anton Igorevich was born in June 1967. His interest in speeds is not random. After all, the father of the future athlete was a famous motor racer. But the family was at first against Anton showing himself in the sport. After all, the husband and his wife knew how dangerous motor racing was.

So the parents first gave the boy to go sailing.

But Anton Zakharova was beckoned by speed. So at the age of 18 he went to participate in auto competitions among amateurs.

And professionally Anton Igorevich started racing only in 1993. At that point he was already 25 years old, which is considered to start a sporting career by a rather late age.

But Anton didn’t embarrass it, he acted on the domestic car VAZ, which converted independently for a high-speed hobby . However, this professional debut was not very successful. But on the Black Sea coast in competition of the same year Zakharov entered the top ten.

A year later, the athlete goes to winter competitions. Here Zakharova was waiting for failure. Along with the crew, he flipped over in his car.


Taking into account all previous mistakes, Anton Zakharov next his car prepares, taking into account these nuances.
He even wrote out the engine, which was made by the famous master Alexander Rapoport. As navigator Zakharov invites rider Sevastyanov.

At the winter competition in 1996, the crew on a powerful car finished second.

But the famous athlete felt the danger of his chosen profession. The second race of this 1996 season resulted in a crash. A car at huge speed crashed into a tree. The car was wrecked, not to be recovered. But the crew was not injured.

Already at the end of the same season Zakharov changed his broken VAZ to French Peugeot 205 with low landing and began to compete in this car.

In 1999 Anton Zakharov made a worthy contribution to the list of his victories. Then his crew managed to become runners-up in almost all races.

Ring races

But Anton Zakharov participated not only in the rally. So, in 1995 he made his debut in ring racing. Then the athlete also used the car VAZ on which he managed to take the second place. Then there was the win in 1998. After 3 years at one of the championships Anton Zakharov’s car collided with Dmitry Kovalev’s car. This incident led to the accident. Zakharov then decided not to participate in ring races again.

But after 10 years he changed his decision and took third place at the 2012 competition.

Anton Zakharov is not only a rider, but also teachers. He teaches skill to aspiring athletes, is also a trainer, a racing engineer.

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