Anthony Ryan: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Anthony Ryan was born in 1970 in Scotland. Little is known about his private life, wife, family and work. But the writer’s work has fans all over the world. Anthony doesn’t often give interviews or keep open social media accounts. The writer spends most of his time in London. He was educated in history. Also Ryan is passionate about art and science. Due to such interests he managed to create literary hits in the science fiction genre.

Shadow of the Raven

Book cycle “Shadow of the Raven” includes 3 books written in the epic fantasy genre. These include: “Song of Blood”, “Lord of the Tower”, and “Queen of Fire/Flame”. The first book was written by Anthony in 2013. He devoted 6 years to its creation. The original title of the novel is Blood Song. The book has been translated into Russian, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese and Turkish. Readers characterize the work as heroic, military and adventure fantasy.

The storyline involves several intrigues and the formation of the protagonist’s personality. The action takes place in the Middle Ages in the fairytale world. The author fears the problems of state conflicts and interpersonal relations. Also Anthony raises questions of religion and allegiance. “Song of Blood” was nominated for “Book of the Year by Fantlabe”, “Summary of the Year” by “World of Fiction” magazine, and the German Fiction Award. “Lord of the Tower” (Tower Lord) has been translated into Russian and Italian. The novel “Queen of Fire” (Queen of Fire) is the final in this Ryan cycle.

Urban Blues The

writer’s second cycle is written in the detective fiction genre. It includes 5 short stories: “Urban Blues”, “Urban Blues: A Song for Madame Choi”, “Urban Blues: Hymn to Long Fallen Gods”, “Urban Blues: The Ballad of Bad Jack”, and “Urban Blues: Aria Ragnareka”. The primary place of action is the orbiting station. Also heroes get to other corners of the solar system. All stories were written in 2015.

Dragon Memory Ryan’s

Third Cycle includes 3 books: “Waking Fire”, 2016, 2017’s “Legion of Flames” and” Empire of Ashes” 2018. Anthony created a fairytale world in which humans gain supernatural abilities by drinking dragon blood. What gift a person receives depends on the suit of the dragon. If it’s a black species, having drunk his blood will be able to gain telekinetic abilities. From the blood of the green dragon, people become invulnerable. Blood red will help control the fire. Thanks to blue dragons, you can learn to read minds. And the possibilities that the white dragon endows are unknown.

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