Anouk Eme: biography, creativity, career and personal life

The most expensive awards Françoise Judith Sorya Dreyfus considers the awards of European film associations.

On the way to calling the

Biography of the Future Star began in 1932. The girl appeared in the acting family on April 27 in Paris. She studied acting at the drama school “Bauer-Therond”.

She received an invitation to film from director Henri Calef. The main character of the drama “House by the Sea” was so liked by the young actress that the name later became part of the pseudonym that glorified her. In the fifties, Françoise became Anouk Aimé.

Her roles were small at first. However, she has always starred in the paintings of talented directors in Europe. Thanks to them revealed the abilities of the novice performer.

A notable success was the “Lovers of Montparnasse” project. Star status cemented behind Anouk after the premiere of Fellini’s “Sweet Life”. Then again there was work with the illustrious master in the “Eight and a Half” arthouse tape.

Starry film

Sensual masterpiece was a touching love story played by Aimé and Trentignan in the film 1966” Man and Woman” by Claude Lelouche. The work earned both an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe award. And in the further work of successful paintings there were many. Many critics called then outstanding.

In 1969, the celebrity took a break. Not starred AimĂ© until 1975. In 1980, Anouk’s game in “Leap into the Void” was awarded the prize of the Cannes Festival.

The star achieved triumphant success due to the originality of the style of embodiment of images. “Men and Women” sequels were filmed in 1986 and 2010. The celebrity herself expressed her own attitude towards the collaboration in a biographical film, shown in 2,000m.

The star doesn’t stop being interested in cinema. Her photos are often published on social media. In early spring 2020, the film “The Best Years of Life” was released to the screens. Many editions discussed the meeting of AimĂ© and Trentignan in it.

Outside the set

There have been quite a few high-profile novels in the celebrity’s personal life. They always ended, barely Anouk realising the feelings had cooled. The actress’s first choice was Eduard Zimmerman. The tight film schedule left Anouk almost no time for the house. So the marriage turned out to be doomed.

The second spouse was director Nikos Papatakis. In alliance with him came the star’s only child, then chosen artistic career daughter Manuela.

In the mid-sixties Anouk was the composer Pierre Baroux, who created music for many of Lelouche’s projects. Then the companion of the celebrity’s life was English actor Albert Finney.

The actress doesn’t experiment with looks and uses virtually no cosmetics. She is to nothing the emphasized brand of clothing and extravagance of haircuts. AimĂ©’s exquisite taste helps her stay stylish and elegant.

Many tried to copy her image, but successfully did not succeed anyone, how impossible and successfully imitate the star from a list of the one hundred most sensual stars in cinema history by “Empire” magazine.

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