Annie Lennox: biography, creativity, career and personal life

About Annie Lennox’s childhood and youth is known a little. However, the artist does not hide that the desire to engage in creativity appeared early.

The road to fame


biography of a future celebrity began in 1954. The baby came to light in Scottish Aberdeen on December 25. The daughter’s natural abilities parents sought to develop. Seventeen-year-old Annie became a student at London’s Royal Academy of Music, learning to play the harpsichord, piano and mastered the flute.

The girl performed in local pubs and cafes with the band “Windsong”. In 1976 she collaborated as a flutist with the collective “Dragon’s Playground”, with him taking part in the casting of the contest “New Faces”. There was an acquaintance with David Stewart on the team of “The Tourists”. Together, the young men created in 1980 the duo “Eurythmics”.

The musicians chose a synthpop style, and a feature of their project was Annie’s vocals. The best known was the single “Sweet Dreams”. The album received the same name in 1983. The hit gained high chart positions and sounded in several motion pictures. Superhits became many of the duo’s compositions.

A new takeoff

on April 20, 1992 kicked off Lennox’s solo career. The singer presented the album “Diva”, immediately taking off on the top lines of the national charts and dispersed with giant editions. The single “Why” is recognized as the most successful.

The new collection “Medusa” listeners received in 1995. It was composed of cover versions of songs performed previously only by men. The vocalists’ interpretations were approved both at home and abroad. Lennox instead of touring tours held in early fall 1995 a grand concert in New York, recorded on disc.

The most successful album was “Bare” in 2003. He was nominated for a Grammy. A year later, the singer was presented with an Oscar for the song for the final part of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. The composition “Into the West” was also awarded the Golden Globes and the Grammy.

The most impressive in the heat of emotions was the 2007 compilation “Songs of Mass Destruction”. The collaboration “Sing” was recorded by 23 of the world’s most stellar vocalists.

Family and Vocation

Disc with the best hits of the singer, presented in 2009, remained in the top ten for 7 weeks songs of the UK, and after the album of Christmas singles “A Christmas Cornucopia” was released in the 2014 cover compilation “Nostalgia”. It is composed of the artist’s favorite blues and jazz compositions.

The singer set up a personal life three times. Her first elected in 1984 was Radha Raman. The marriage broke down a year later. More happy proved to be an alliance with film producer Uri Fruchtman. The insistence of the paparazzi, who sought by any means to find out the details of the family’s existence, forced the singer to keep even photos of daughters Tali and Lola secret.

In 2012 Lennox became the spouse of physician Mitchell Besser. Since his filing, Annie has been active in philanthropy. In 2013, she was awarded the “Music Industry Trusts Award” not only as a musician, but also for the protection of women’s rights. Since October 2017 there is a charitable foundation of the artist “The Circle”.

The artist’s song “Requiem for a Private War” became the title in the film “Private War”, the premiere screening of which took place in 2019. Lennox is not engaged in active concert activity, switching completely to public.

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