Anna Terekhova: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Anna Savvovna is the leading performer of the Moon Theatre. In the nineties she played in Alla Sigalova’s “Independent Troupe”

Way to Calling The

biography of a future celebrity began in 1970. The child was born in Moscow on August 13 in the family of Sava Hashimov and Margarita Terekhova. Koda daughter turned 2 years old, parents separated.

Although all relatives had direct relevance to the work, Anya did not plan a stage career as a child. The love of art was instilled by her grandmother. At age 10, Anna participated for the first time in the film-play “The Girl Where You Live”. He invited for the main role of her personally Roman Viktyuk.

After school, the graduate enrolled in GITIS. The student four was invited to play in the Independent Troupe. On the stage completely revealed the gift of Terechova Jr. She carefully prepared for roles, finding features in the characters that help to recreate a whole image.

Success on stage

After completing her studies in 1990, Terekhova moved to work at the Theatre of the Moon. She became one of the leading performers of the troupe. The debut came in a production of “Thais the Shining”. At the same time, the beginner was offered the main role in the play “The Night Is Tender” according to the work of Fitzgerald, which later became the hallmark of the Prokhanov Theatre.


audience liked the performance so much that tickets were taken not for performances, but “for Terekhov”. In the category “Best Actress”, the performer was presented with the theatrical award “Daisy”. Anna also plays at Yermolova’s House Museum Theatre in “A Game for Two”. In movies, the star is rarely filmed.

Film career began in the nineties. Anna was invited to play Russian Regtime. Then there was participation in the TV project “Kings of Russian Sysk”. The first notable role was a work in the 1997 painting “All the Things We’ve Dreamed of for So Long”. The artist was reincarnated on screen as the mother of the smooth heroine. Terekhova performed all stuntmen herself, having mastered even martial arts.

Film career In

2,000th film career continued in “On the Corner at the Patriarch 3”, “Lotus Strike 3”, If the Bride witch”. In the film adaptation of Chekhov’s “Seagull”, the celebrity played the main character, Nina Zarechnaya, starred in Eralash film magazine”.

In 2010, she participated in the melodramatic “Flowers from Lisa” and “Masha Kolosova’s Herbarium”. In 2011, she reincarnated as the lead character of the comedy “Criminal Circumstances”.

The star’s personal life was uneasy. The first elected was a colleague, actor Valery Borovinskikh. In the family in 1987 there was a child, son Michael. The marriage broke up in 1988.

Offstage and screen

Anna Savvovna’s second husband was Nikolay Dobrynin. The relationship lasted 8 years, then the couple separated, maintaining friendly relations.

Terekhova often posts images from the family archive on her Instagram page.

The performer is fond of horse riding and hand-to-hand combat, loves rhythmic gymnastics, perfectly drives the car. Also the star cooks perfectly.

Often Anna Savvovna takes a fate in the TV show, doesn’t refuse interviews. She remains the leading performer of the Theatre of the Moon, tours with the troupe around the country, travels abroad. Also the actress plays in mezzanine performances.

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