Anita Hegerland: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Anita Hegerland’s star came up early in childhood. It all began, as in a fairy tale, with the performance of the baby before Santa Claus. The girl so performed the song “I natt jag dromde” that the author of the composition Frederik Olsen asked to pay attention to the young soloist was approached by the Christmas magician himself.

Star Start

The biography of the future star began in 1961. The girl was born in Sannefjorde on March 3. In a family of three children, she was the eldest child.


vocalist’s career began in 1968 at a local Christmas celebration. The young singer became a frequent contributor to various events after her debut, and newspapers published laudatory reviews of her work.

In 1969 came home the star’s first singles. Both “Hvis jeg var en fugl” and “Albertino” became popular. The success was based on the incredible voice of the baby. Soon there was the first album, quickly going platinum.

New wins

In 1970 Anita debuted in Sweden with the song “Mitt sommarlov”. The novelty immediately soared to the top ranks of the national charts. At the same time, the girl took part in the contest “Golden Orpheus”. Finished the year young celebrity with many prestigious awards.

In 1971 Hegerland conquered Germany. With Roy Bleek, she performed the single “Schon ist es auf der Welt zu sein”. Currently, the composition is recognized as a classic of the genre in most European countries. Anita in 1972 had a concert tour, at the same time as a recording partner participating in a TV show.

The vocalist starred in several films, and in 1973 for the Norwegian version of “The Jungle Book” sang “Eget hjem” and voiced one of the heroines.

Family and stage

After 1976 the entertainer took a break wanting to finish her education. From 1980 to 1985 she released 3 albums, took part in festivals.

In 1994, listeners were presented with the compilation “Voices”, part of the songs for which the vocalist wrote. Along with pop and rock compositions, the disc included Celtic-style folk singles. In 1996, the singer voiced Disney cartoons about Tarzan and Hercules, recorded soundtracks to them. In 2011, Anita’s CD “Starfish” was released. In his support, the artist held a Eurotour in 2012-2013.

The personal life of a celebrity has also developed. 1984 saw the first meeting with future husband, Mike Oldfield. Hegerland gave the famous musician her demo recordings. A year later, a collaboration on the single “Pictures in the Dark” was launched. Both the composition and music video quickly gained popularity. The couple musicians recorded the compilation “Islands” and the video album “The Wind Chimes” with clips for each song.

In 1988, the family had a child, daughter Greta. She subsequently chose the profession of veterinarian. Inspired by her birth, her father wrote the single “Innocent” sung by Anita. In 1990, Noah’s son came to light. The boy became a musician. He sometimes steps in with his mom, accompanying her on guitar. In 1991, the couple separated. Hegerland until 1994 took a career break.

Anita’s new choice was Jock Lovband. They had a daughter, Kaya, in 1999.

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