Anguri Rice: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Angourie Rice’s film career began at age 8. The parents of the young star are closely related to creativity. Her father is known as a filmmaker and her mother became famous as a writer and screenwriter.

The beginning of the road to fame

The biography of a future celebrity began in 2001. The baby came to light in Australian Perth on January 1 in the family of Katie and Jeremy Rice. After five years, the adults with the baby and her younger sister Kalliopa moved to Germany, where they settled in Munich. Rice then returned again to Australia to settle in Melbourne.

Kinoriera of the girl opened in 2009 the short film “Hidden Clouds”. In 2011, she played Mercy in the short of the same name. A new step toward recognition was the “Transmission” tape in 2012 featuring a character named Tilly. A successful stage was in the 2013 apocalyptic thriller “A Few Hours”.

Events in it begin in Perth after a collision with an asteroid planet. James learns that he will become a father. The news does not please him, and he leaves Zoe to calm down.

The hero helps to save Rose and promises her to help find her father. He can’t leave rescued with anyone, eventually realizes that there are several hours to the disaster. The girl helps James figure out his relationship with Zoe, and that in turn helps Rose. He then returns to the lover who is going through the breakup to spend the remaining time together.

In “Walking with Dinosaurs” in 2014, the young actress played Jade and took part in voiceovers.

Ahead of her success

In 2014, Angourie took part in filming an episode of “Silence” in the Australian TV series “The Mysteries of Dr. Blake” in the image of Lisa Wooton. The protagonist from the script returns to his homeland after a long absence. He lost sight of his wife and child long ago, but the search continues for them.

At home in Ballaret, the doctor decides not only to continue his father’s practice, but also to become a police surgeon. Serving previously at his home, Gene struggles to adjust to the habits of the new owner.

In the children’s telenovella “Worst Years of My Life,” the young star participated in the “Halloween” series as Ruby. In “The Secret of Mako Island”, she played Neppi, Neptina. Her heroine is a mermaid who left her parents. She decided to catch the newt, but found herself in a alteration from which she was rescued by Zach, the object of her hunt.

In the TV series “Lost: The Book of Shadows”, the star’s character became Tegan, the antagonist of the main characters. The negative character to portray the youngest actress, she admits, was very liked because of the new experience. According to the intent of the creators, the heroes gain magic and engage against evil forces. One of them finds the ancient Book of Shadows, unwittingly releasing the Power of Chaos hidden within it. Now everyone together will have to take the battle again to save not only their loved ones, but also the world.

In the same period took place filming of the telenovella “Glorious Guys”, in which Anguri was reincarnated into one of the main characters, Holly. The won serious casting pleased the performer herself. However, for the sake of filming, she had to leave her fascination with the school orchestra and upcoming rehearsals as well as the final concert at the end of the school Dance lessons were also discontinued, and three plays in which Anguri received notable roles were forgotten.

Star role

Events begin in the Seventies in Los Angeles. After the death of the pornstar, Misty Mountains passes a couple of days and is seen unharmed by Mrs. Glenn, a relative. She asks private investigator Holland March to deal with this mystery. At this time, attained surveillance Amelia turns to Jackson Healy to get rid of March’s pursuit. Hilly then meets his teenage daughter Holly. For help, the detective is approached by the bone when she realizes that Amelia is in danger.

Forced to interrupt Holly March’s birthday celebration still goes to investigate. In the course of the search, quite a few oddities are found. Holly finds herself up in arms in the haunting Amelia bandits. Together, the girls manage to escape.

Hilly and Marcha pleads for help from her daughter and a Justice Department employee, Amelia’s mother. However, the girl tells the people who saved her that the tragic events are provoked by the mother’s illegal deal.

Holly learns of the danger they threaten and tries to save herself and Amelia’s life by defusing the killer. Once again thanks to the girl, justice has a tape of valuable evidence. Together, Jackson and Holland open an agency called “The Glorious Guys” by them.

During filming, school classes were not interrupted. The management of Princes Hill High provided tutors for the student and classes on set.

New works

In 2017 as Betty Brant Rice starred in “Spider-Man: Coming Home”. In the same image, the star appeared before fans in the sequel to the superhero adventure “Spider-Man: Away from Home” in 2019. Jane she played in Sofia Coppola’s drama thriller “Fatal Temptation”. For Best Director, the film won the Grand Prize at the Cannes Festival.

According to the story from a boarding house located in Virginia for girls during the Civil War left almost all students. With the establishment’s headmistress, Martha Farnsworth, only five female pupils and a teacher, Edwina Morrow, remained. Mushroom picking Amy in the woods discovers wounded Federals Army Corporal John McBurney. Reliably hidden from the world, the mansion has become the center of fatal temptation since the young man’s fall into it.

In 2018 there were premiere screenings of the romantic-drama project “Every Day” and the musical “Lady in Black”. In the films, Angurie’s characters were Rhiannon and Lisa.

In the “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too” series of the telenovela “Black Mirror” in 2019, the celebrity appeared as Rachel alongside Miley Cyrus.

The asterisk herself adores Katty Perry, her idol calls actress Emma Stone. The girl likes blockbusters and musicals, but she is particularly attracted to watching film projects shot in the genre of TV shows. So she confidently names “The Hunger Games” and “Pleasentville” among her favorite films. Rice’s personal life is not thought about, she is focused on a career in film and television, participation in the plays written by her mother.

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