Angel Stone: Blue Anhydrite


first bluish anhydrite was found in mines in Peru in 1987. Angel stone or angelite anhydrous calcium sulfate was named almost immediately. However, much earlier in ancient legends it was narrated about a heavenly stone riddled with veins, executing requests.


By coloring the gemcolor can be both in greyish and purple tones. There are no strict hue intensity requirements. Uneven color and inclusion are allowed. Faces of translucent or transparent crystals after grinding gain oily shine or light pearl overflows.

They find anhydrites and bright mauve, and red, and white flowers. However, angelite is called only that mineral, which resembles its coloration of the sky.

Willingly craftsmen make of spectacular material figurines of angels and crosses, objects interiors, encrusting with stone jewelry made of silver or melchior.

Large bars decorate the rooms, low quality crystals are used as industrial raw materials. “Stone of Angels” perfectly conveys all the designs of the carver. The finest work turns murals and panels into a masterpiece.

Crystal is called a strong mascot from disease and failure. If the disease is already there, angelitis will increase the immunity of the holder, speed up recovery, eliminate the risk of complications. The mascot will alert the owner to approaching the disease in advance.

The magical and healing properties


Esoterica are sure that with the help of angelite a contract between an angel and a man is concluded. For the wish to come true, you have to whisper it to the crystal. The main thing to remember is that one stone fulfills one request, necessarily not to the detriment of others

  • Mineral promotes better development, so often it is placed to the cot. Indecisive people become with mascots more daring.
  • From conflict protection frames made of silver, and the neighborhood with turquoise protects against a ruinous passion. Many times the effect is enhanced if angelite is worn along with aquamarine.
  • Newlyweds are advised to split the mineral in half to enhance the relationship with each other.

Usually, self-color is used to make handmade decorations. It goes perfectly with pearls, jasper, quartzite. It is chosen from silver, nickel or steel. Soft stone does not enclose in platinum or gold.

Most often, anhydrite performs the role of insertion in decoration, very rarely of it are made cufflinks.


Extremely fragile gems require special care. In the water, angelite swells, turning into gypsum. It is forbidden to clean the mineral with a hard sponge or brush, to use chemistry. Pollution is rid of velvety or terry wet wipes.

Small scratches will remove cotton fabric dipped in a milligram of vegetable oil. Minor damage is intensely rustled, repeating the procedure after adding a new drop of oil if necessary.

Store decorations only separately from other accessories in a dry place.

  • Angelite carries bright light perfectly. It is recommended to wear it after purchase long, so that the self-color soaks up the energy of the sun and gets used to the owner.
  • Don’t forget that sweat destroys the structure of the stone. It is not possible to wear decoration in places with high humidity.
  • Before performing physical work, accessories are removed from hands.

Under the outerwear to wear decoration is pointless. Especially the ban applies to zippered jackets.

How to distinguish from counterfeiting


natural angelite surface is rough, there is inconspicuous without special adaptations. The polished stone attains glass shine or wax glow.

Microdamage, in the form of chips, scratches and cracks, is allowed. Together with the oblong veins, such defects are even desirable, as they prove the authenticity of the self-color.


  • counterfeit is distinguished by perfect smoothness of the surface without inclusions and uniformity of coloration.
  • Natural stone is heavy, plastic is much lighter.
  • Angelite is easily scratched, a little white dust remains in the place of damage.

Gem heats longer than plastic. So if the bead in the palm warmed up in 5 seconds, it’s fake. A small piece of untreated mineral in water increases in size and turns into gypsum.


angel stone has no incompatibility: it fits all signs of the Zodiac. Most of all, it is useful to Rākas and Virgins However, esotericists are sure that only owners of pure thoughts are allowed to wear such a crystal. When the owner commits the misconduct, the Angelite mascot will speed up and toughen the punishment.

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