Andrei Sapunov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and youth

Andrey Borisovich Sapunov was born in the city of Krasnoslobodsk near Volgograd on October 20, 1956 into a family of teachers. Andrei is the second child in his family, his older brother Vladimir came to light four years earlier. In the late 1950s, Sapunov’s parents moved to live in Moscow. Here Andrey went to the first class of comprehensive school. His parents attached great importance to the physical development of his sons, so Andrei was intensely involved in sports such as table tennis, badminton and football.

Sapunov’s brothers have been “sick” with music since childhood. Vladimir gave Andrei a guitar and he learned to play it very quickly. In school, the children organized their vocal and instrumental ensemble: went on all sorts of tricks to gain access to school equipment, rehearsed daily, and then performed at dances and school evenings. The ensemble’s repertoire consisted of popular songs from domestic and foreign pop. Young musicians tried very hard to bring the performance of each song to perfection.


graduation, Andrei Sapunov

entered the Astrakhan Institute of Fisheries, but studied there only a year. After that, he returned to Moscow and moved to the Moscow Energy Institute, but here too did not stay long: after six months he picked up the documents. At first Andrey told about it only to his brother, and when about the departure of the son from the institute the mother learned, it, according to Sapunov, became bad. But Andrew could not otherwise: all his thoughts were occupied by music.

After interrupting higher education, Andrey received a summons to serve in the army. He spent two years in the Air Force near Kaluga. Here he continued his musical activities: he performed at cultmass events, which played a positive role for him — for example, contributed to his removal from “hazing”.

Career musician

Returning from the army, Sapunov became a member of Stas Namin’s band, where he worked for almost a year. And in 1979, the 23-year-old musician became a student of the department of pop and jazz singing of the State School of Music named after Gnessins. Andriy’s vocal teacher was the famous Mira Lvovna Korobkova, who gave voice to many artists of domestic pop. And in the first year there was a landmark event in his biography: famous musicians drummer Sergei Kavagoe and bass guitarist Yevgeny Margulis, having left Andrei Makarevich’s band “Time Machine”, created new collective — rock band “Resurrection”, and invited Andrei Sapunov as guitarist and backing vocalist. The leader of the band was Alexey Romanov, who came from the group “Kuznetsky Most”; he was the songwriter of the band’s first album “Resurrection”.

In 1980 Sapunov invited his acquaintance musician Konstantin Nikolsky, who also wrote songs, into the group. A year later, the band recorded a second album, and the studio was organized by the musicians in the basement of the Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

In 1982, the group “Resurrection” broke up and Andrei Sapunov decided to focus on his studies. In 1983, he finished “gnesinka”, worked a little in the group “Olympia”, and in 1984 he got into the ensemble “Gems”. According to Sapunov, in this group he was attracted not by repertoire, but by the opportunity to earn money, as “Gems” were very popular and in demand. During two years of work in the team Andrey carried out his plans: he earned money and bought a cooperative apartment in Moscow and a car.

In general Andrey Sapunov did not delay long in any one project. After leaving Gems in 1986, he worked in the Lotus group he created together with pianist and arranger Alexander Slizunov. Musicians managed to get the status of Philharmonic artists, due to which they had the opportunity to tour the country with concerts, as well as to perform at festivals such as “Rock Panorama 87”. During this period, the famous song “Zvon” appeared, imbued with a Christian-philosophical idea. The text was written by Alexander Slizunov, the author of the music was Andrey Sapunov, and he performed it as a vocalist. In addition, Sapunov composed several songs on lyrics by the famous Russian philosopher Vladimir Sergeevich Solovyov.

After a couple of years the Lotus broke up as well. In 1990, the musician participated for some time in the recording of the album “I Know” and concert performances of the group “SV”, and then became a member of the third composition of the collective “Trio” together with Alexei Romanov and Drummer Andrei Kobzon, son of the famous Joseph Davydovich. The main principle of “Trio” was to perform “live”, that is, without a phonogram, so they were pleased to be invited by Alexander Barykin to participate in his program “Live Water”.

In 1992, Sapunov left “Trio” as well. And in 1994 he was part of the revived “Resurrection”, and it was the longest period of work of a musician in one team — until 2016. Along with Evgeny Morgulis, Alexei Romanov and Mikhail Shevyakov, Andrey Sapunov participated in the recording of the band’s studio albums — “All at first” (2001), “Don’t Hurry” (2003), in numerous concert performances and their studio recordings. In addition, in 2001, Sapunov created his band, Trio Sapunov, and recorded a live album, “Live Collection”.

The split in “Resurrection” occurred in 2016, when the band was invited to tour in Crimea. Andrei Sapunov and Alexei Romanov had fundamental differences over the accession of the Crimean Peninsula to Russia: Romanov spoke in support, and Sapunov was strongly opposed. “Resurrection” went to Simferopol without him, and already at the concert there was an incident when Romanov had to explain the absence of one of the famous band members. In fact, relations between Sapunov and Romanov have deteriorated for a long time, and the position on Crimea has become the final point. Despite leaving Andrei Sapunov’s group, his older brother Vladimir continued his work in “Resurrection” as group director and supported Romanov’s political position; Vladimir Sapunov died spring 2018 from cancer.

Today Andrei Sapunov performs recitals, sometimes joins the band “Resurrection” at some performances — for example, anniversary, engaged in studio work, collaborates with other groups and performers.

Personal life

Sapunov always tried to hide as much as possible from prying eyes. Yet separate information leaked out. Andrei Sapunov and his longtime friend, colleague and now political opponent Alexei Romanov are married to native sisters. This fact was also one of the reasons for the discord between musicians.

Andrei Sapunov’s wife is named Nina, her sister Larisa (Romanov’s wife) is known for dancing once in the Bori band Moiseev’s “Expression”. The Sapunov spouses have a daughter, Tatiana, believed to be born in 1979.

In addition to music, Andrey Sapunov continues to be fond of sports, he even played football in SC “Olimpiyskiy” as part of the amateur team “Starko”, which included the stars of the domestic pop. Sapunov is very friendly with the Presnyakov family — with his father Vladimir Petrovich and his son Vladimir.

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