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 Andrei Vladimirovich Khramov was born on March 4, 1973 in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod). In that city, he enrolled in a music school and graduated in an accordion class. When the boy was in fifth grade, his family moved to live in the city of Serpukhov, Moscow Oblast. Andrei’s parents decided to live closer to their relatives, who lived in the village of Syanovo-2 of Serpukhov district. In Serpukhov the future singer graduated from secondary school №14.

In 1991, he was drafted into the ranks of the Russian Army, where he served for two years in urgent service. After serving in the army, Andrey was engaged in restoration of architectural monuments that have centuries-old history of the city of Serpukhov. After graduating from a vocational school, he restored churches and monasteries of the Moscow region.

In the 1990s Andrey Khramov worked at the Istok Palace of Culture in Serpukhov. The gifted singer in the direction of the city’s culture committee took part in various music competitions of regional and all-Russian scale. His performances have always been held with great success in the audience. The beautiful timbre of the voice and artistry of the singer were liked by the public.

Andrei received his musical education at the Moscow Higher School-College of Arts. He graduated from the school in 2001 with a degree in Variety Vocals.

From 1995 to 2002, the musician worked in the rock band “The Arrow”, which performed compositions in the power metal style.

In 2002 Andrei Khramov received an offer from the Aria group to become a member of their collective. Valery Kipelov left the band and they needed a new vocalist. Andrei Khramov performed “Aria” in one concert, which was a success. But Khramov was not approved as part of the group. This was due to the arrival of a new guitarist in Aria, on the recommendation of which his familiar vocalist was taken to the band.

From 2005 to 2007, the musician worked for the band Zemlyan. This collective has changed many soloists during its long history of existence. Andrei found himself in the group during the period when it was celebrating its 30th anniversary.

In the future, Andrei Khramov became the vocalist of the cover band “Green Town”. He performed everyone’s favorite and popular songs, as well as hits from the 80—90s. At the concerts “Green Town” you can often see musicians of the band “White Eagle”. They came to listen to songs and invited Andrei to join their team. Temov was well acquainted with the work of “White Eagle”. During a certain period of his life he had to work in a restaurant where he performed songs of the band “White Eagle” on the order of the public.

In 2010, the singer came as lead singer to the band “White Eagle”, in which he worked for five years. Musicians of the band noted that with the arrival of the team of Khramov in the songs appeared fatal sound and other colors.

Currently, Andrei Khramov performs in the new composition of the Zemlyane group. In February 2019, the new arrangement featured two of their singles “Gosh” and “Borsalino”. The success of the group, which was accompanied by it 40 years ago, has been repeated in the history of domestic showbiz.


In 1993 Andrei Khramov started his creative way in one of Moscow’s musical groups. During many years of creative activity, the vocalist tried himself in different styles of music. In his interviews Andrey shared with his listeners that he is closer to classic 80’s rock.

Andrei Khramov was lucky enough to perform alongside world rock stars Glenn Hughes and Joe Turner (Deep Purple band), Christopher Schneider (Rammstein), Tony Martin and Tony Iommi (Black) Sabbath), Alan Silson (Smokie) and others.

Widespread popularity to the singer brought the song “How worthy in Russia evenings”. He performed it with the band White Eagle.

This song was written in 1996, but was introduced to listeners two years later. The author of poems Victor Pelenyagra and composer Alexander Dobronravov could not find the performer of their song for a long time. They offered to sing her to Alla Pugacheva, but she refused. In 1998, a young filmmaker from Belarus Vladimir Yankovsky directed a music video for this song. It immediately became a hit, and the White Eagle band that performed it gained popularity.

Andrei Khramov’s creative union with the group “Zemlyane” brought him the recognition of listeners. Two years in a row, in 2018 and 2019 the group “Zemlyane” became the winner of the national award “Golden Gramophone” and the winner of the statuette “Russian Radio”. The musicians received this award for the songs “Loneliness” and “God”.

March 21, 2019 at the State Kremlin Palace was held the ceremony of awarding the International Music Award “Bravo” “. Andrei Khramov was awarded the statuette in the Soundtrack of the Year nomination for the song “Solitude” from the film “Pilgrim”. The award to the musician was presented by Hollywood actor John Travolta.

Personal life

Andrei Khramov was twice married. The singer’s first wife lives in the village of Raisemenovskoye, Serpukhovsky District, Moscow Oblast. His son from his first marriage Andrew followed in his father’s footsteps, he became a rock musician. Two Andrei Khramov – father and son often perform together on stage.

Andrey met his second wife Yulia Shilina at the club. The girl came there with a small company. The artist was on stage with the band Green Town. Hearing Andrei’s voice, Julia couldn’t tear her gaze away from the singer’s performance. After the concert, the young people didn’t break up anymore.

On January 15, 2015, they were married. The wedding was celebrated in the Moscow restaurant Rosie O ‘Gradis. There were many rock music fans among the guests. The wedding celebration featured cover versions of hits by rock band Deep Purple and soul style music. The wedding dance of the newlyweds performed under the favorite composition of the bride from the repertoire of German rock band Kingdom Come. At the request of guests, Andrey performed his famous hit “How Remarkable in Russia Evenings”.

Julia is 15 years younger than her husband. Despite the age difference, Julia’s parents approved of their daughter’s choice. Andrey in everything helps Julia in life. He can make lunch and help with household chores. In the summer, Andrey and Yulia love to go to their country house, which is located in the Serpukhov district.

On June 12, 2016, a son Stepan was born in the family of Temples.

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