Andrei Derzhavin: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Andrei Vladimirovich’s soulful hits remain in demand now. Together with Sergey Kostrov in the student, the group “Stalker” was created. Musicians played instrumental music. In early 1985, Derzhavin became the vocalist of the collective.

The birth of the group

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1963. The child appeared in Uchta on September 20 in a family of geophysicists. Ros is a boy with younger sister Natasha. Andrei composed music, was a student of music-school, mastered guitar playing.

He continued his education at the Industrial Institute. A student with a friend founded the group Stalker. When the need for a soloist arose, Derzhavin took his place. The song performed by him became the main hit of the album of the same name “Star”.

The collection proved so popular that promising musicians were included in the composition of artists of Syktyvkar Philharmonic. The dance pop style chosen by the children was liked by the listeners.

New turn

In 1989 the team left for Moscow. In the capital, they recorded the albums “First Hand News” and “Living in a Made Up World”. All-Union. The song “Three Weeks”, played on the TV program “Morning Mail”, brought fame to the band. The single “Don’t Cry, Alice” in late 1990 made the performer an idol of youth.

In 1992, the Stalker group broke up. Together the musicians came together in 1993 to participate in “Song of the Year”. They became winners of the competition. From the beginning of the nineties, Derzhavin worked as a music editor in the magazine “Komsomolskaya Zhiya”, and hosted the TV program “Shire

She started her solo career on pop. At the same time Andrey Vladimirovich wrote His compositions “Brother” and “Alien Wedding” earned the show’s song of the year 94 award to the author and performer. The collection “Lyric Songs” was also popular. Derzhavin became a member of the jury of the TV contest “Morning Star”.


were no stops touring, recording at the studio. 20 songs from 4 albums became hits. The singer accepted the invitation of the Time Machine musicians to become a keyboardist. The instrumentalist continued to create works, but the main direction chose film music.

Family and music


author of the soundtracks to the paintings “Marry a Millionaire”, “Gypsy” and “Luser” is the idol of the 90s. As an actor Derzhavin realized in the film project “Vorotyls, Be Together”. In the painting “The Man in My Head”, he played himself.

The artist also took place in personal life. As a student, he met his future spouse Elena Shakhutdinova. In 1986, a son appeared in the family. In 2005, a daughter Anna was born.

Vladislav chose a musical career. He founded the band “Stinkie”, became a vocalist, plays guitar. The son pleased his parents with his grandson Gerasim and his two granddaughters, Alice and Marguerite.

Derzhavin does not publish family photos in the press and social networks. He does not seek to advertise even working moments.

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