Andrei Andreev: Biography of a Billionar

Born future billionaire in Moscow on February 3, 1974 in a family with a technical bias. Father is a scientist whose activity is connected with the intensification of mining, and mother was a technical worker. Apparently it influenced his fascination with information technology. Already at the age of ten, Andrei assembled his first radio transmitter to communicate with his friends without using phones.

After graduation, Andrei moved to live in Spain, in the city of Valencia. There he went to study at the local institute, however he left him understudying and taking away the documents returned to Russia.

Andreev created the very first commercial project in 1995. The online store Virus was engaged in selling computers and components for them. The store was quite successful and just a couple of years later was sold for several hundred thousand dollars.

The next project was the SpyLog service. This proved a useful tool for webmasters, allowing to track the attendance of Internet pages.

Without stopping there, after three years Andreev created the service “Runner”, working with content advertising. In 2004 80% of this company was bought for $900,000 by a Russian investment company. And already in 2008 this same resource tried to buy out Googl offering for it 140 million dollars.

The next step towards the billion was the creation of the social network Mamba. The dating site quickly became popular in its segment. Part of this company’s shares in 2006 bought out

The second such site was the Badoo resource. Both of these resources in 2017 were among the top ten sites where Russians spent the most money.

Initially, the Badoo site was distributed in Spain, then spread across Europe and America. Its distinctive feature was the opportunity not only to get acquainted for the sake of love relations, but also to communicate, share photos and videos completely free of charge. Today, the service is one of the largest in the world and has up to 400 million users in 190 countries.

At the moment Andrei Andreev’s fortune is estimated at 2.3 billion dollars. He is second only to Pavel Durov and Alisher Usmanov to billionaires in IT technology.

Andreev’s hallmark is the stealth of everything concerning his personal life. He explains it with security interests.

As a place of residence and work, Andreev chose London, and almost does not come to Russia. From London, a successful billionaire with Russian citizenship, most often flies to Spain’s Valencia, where his parents reside.


an example of his life and success in it, Andreev proved that it is possible to achieve wealth and recognition by taking advantage of his mind and knowledge.

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