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 Andrey Vladimirovich Alexin was born on July 6, 1968. Alexine of the Tula region. He officially changed his surname from Onishchenko to Alexin. Explains this because there was often confusion when presenting a passport at airports and at other institutions. Figuring out the personality took a lot of time and nerves. He decided to become “Alexin” forever.

Mother says that since childhood it was clear that she had a musician born. Andrey jokes that he started writing from kindergarten. The guitar was his favorite toy. He bought piano, grandmother gave bayan, grandfather – harmonica. Brought from all trips different guitars. He has been collecting them ever since. There’s even a 1945 release guitar.

He received his musical education at the Tula School of Arts, majoring in the head of the Folk Orchestra tools. In school, he learned to play almost all folk instruments, but the electric guitar was not taught anywhere. At that time, he was similar to many famous people — musicians who were obliged to receive musical education. They played electric guitars together and learned each other.

Then he happened to work as a music worker in kindergarten and school. He recalls laughing that it was the most fun work activity in his biography.

A concert career began in his hometown. Andrey sang a lot in restaurants and at discos, performed with the group “White Guard”. During this period he gained experience: honed the skill of an electric guitarist, learned musical arrangement.

Moscow calls and beckons…

In the capital, acquaintance with the group “Hands Up!” , Roman Trachtenberg, Philipp Kirkorov, Viktor Baturin and “Ural Dumplings” helped him become famous in musical circles.

Baturin he hooked the songs-appeal “Letter to Baturin”. In the song, he semi-seriously asked a famous producer to give money for the album to the guys from the group “Dentist and Fisun”.

Many hooligan songs with original titles were written during that period: “Scary”, “Beautiful”, “Predator”, “Drunk”… Critics and the nation ambiguously embraced his informal oeuvre, but he was ready for that kind of reception. Strongly I didn’t impose anything on anyone, didn’t prove and waited for his time to come. And it came, currently Andrey does not have time to write for himself, and pleases other singers, performing orders for songs. The discography of the author is small to date. From 2001 to 2010 they collected five albums:

The song “Scary”

This song caused and raises many questions for everyone. And in order not to answer the question who this song is about, Andrey came up with a joke story. He had a bad time with diction. He was asked about the song’s title. He answered “Passionate”, but turned out as “Scary”. This song has world fame. Familiars tell that they heard her in the Arab Emirates and India.

Behind Andrei the image of the informal author is fixed, but there is another side of Alexin — the lyricist. Its fans are divided into two halves: lovers of hooligan and humorous songs and admirers of beautiful lyrical compositions. One of such beautiful songs was noticed by Philip Kirkorov and is very happy with such work by Andrey Alexin.

The song “Give me one only look…”

was originally written for Alexander Aivazov and was performed several times im. It was called “Nastya, give me…”. But when she got to F. Kirkorov, I became much richer in execution. In its performance, it is dedicated to all women, and the name “Nastya” is gone from the text. A. Alexin on the subject jokes that Kirkorov made this song wide because he has “mouthpiece wider”.

The song “Let the world rule love…”

The composition was created for R. Trachtenberg by the book “The Way of the Male”. She was to complete the final scene in Roman’s film. But now it turns out that this song carries the final function, but in concerts F. Kirkorova. And Andrei often concludes with her evenings, banquets and holidays.

In general, A. Alexina is two such significant songs in his fate: “Scary”, which gave him the image of a bully and informal and “Give me one only look…”. The latter is so popularized by Kirkorov that it is sung even by Thais in small restaurants in Thailand. Andrei calls this song “kommeritsa”, as it brings him a good income in the form of royalties.

Personal happiness

His beloved Andrew met in his hometown when he sang in the band “White Guard”. Olga appeared at the invitation of Andrey’s brother in the group. She danced nearby for several years, and now for many years is “a Christmas tree on a pedestal” for Andrei, and he admires it not once a year, but every day. He likes the wife changing all the time. She’s not standing still, she’s always interesting to talk to. She reads a lot and is into psychology. She’s homely, not a hangout.

According to Olga, Andrey is not just a pretty and talented guy. She has been watching his work for 15 years and is proud that Andrei has turned into a big good entertainer. She likes him writing offbeat songs.

Both love summer, sea, sun and beach.

The son is Maxim Onishchenko. Loves computers, paints. With the guitar it doesn’t work, but composing rap at the boy turns out good. Dad helps him through familiar rappers evaluate lyrics and assures that many are already ready to record an album with teen rap. And no doubt it will be popular with young people.


For Andrew, happiness lies in good. And good for him is when everyone is healthy and when nothing bad happens. He likes to help people, so he almost never gives up charity events. He’s glad his creativity can be of benefit. In July 2013, many artists sang for residents of the city. Ephraim, who suffered a devastating tornado.


life principles are

often asked about how he manages to stay stable in life and somehow so flat walk down the glory track. He replies that he somewhere inside has several beliefs helping him walk through life. Here they are:

· optimism and daily setting to a good mood

· gratitude to every coming day

· recharging energy from nature

· self entertains

· never bites off more than can swallow

· finds a golden middle between complete well-being and glory

With music born, with it and go

Companyan, communicable, kind, fun. All friends, acquaintances, close and relatives say these words about him. Its jubilee hall was crowded with people. He laughs that he had to break up a bit to invite all those he wanted. He was redeemed in sincere and pleasant words, wished as much good as enough for more than one life. He assured everyone that he will create to the last and will not go off the musical path. Now there’s more of a lyricist singing in it, but with a perpetual chuckle in his eyes.

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