Andre Robert Rembour: biography, creativity, career and personal life


real name of one of the greatest actors in world cinema actor is André Robert Rembour. The famous pseudonym is actually the name of the city where the future performer grew up.

The search for a vocation

Biography of a Celebrity began in 1917. The baby came to light in Preto Vicmar on July 27. With a three-year-old son, the family moved to the town of Bourville. The boy attended the local school, starting from fifteen he started working in a bakery. He already played the mandolin then, mastered the labial harmonica and clarinet. The teenager performed with a village orchestra and wrote songs.

In 1937, Rembour’s military service began. He left no music, played in a regimental orchestra, participated in song competitions. After completing the service, the young man remained in Paris. He performed in the capital varyeta, became famous as a coupletist.

A successful career was interrupted by World War II. Having visited both the front and captivity, Bourville as an accordionist-accompanist performed before soldiers along with singer Bord’s troupe. In 1941 he signed his first solo contract, and by the end of the war André became a music-hall star.


Artist created his own comic image of the peasant prostac. A rustic commoner in short-walled trousers and a jacket that was small came to the stage. Hands and feet were ridiculously sticking out from under the clothes. Before appearing in public, the entertainer made funny bangs.

That’s what Bourville came to cinematography in 1945. He played alongside famous artists. His duets with Marais and de Funes are especially remembered. Success was built on contrast. So, in “The Hunchback” and “The Captain”, the spectacular hero of Jean Marais looked even more perfect, becoming more real thanks to the company of a clumsy simple.

For “The Big Walk” and “Razini”, the contrast was the incredible energy of the eccentric de Funes and the equanimity of any situations of the character of Bourville, a phlegmatic prostac. In the shot, their interaction simply sparkled with humor.

Family and creativity

realized the performer and as a screenwriter. He created the screenplay for the short “Grrr…” in 1952. In 1956, the artist at the Venice Film Festival was presented with the Volpi Cup for his work in the painting “Through Paris”, Best Actor. The comedian managed to outdo Jean Gaben, who became his film partner. In 1968 Bourville was made Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters.

Successfully developed and personal life of the entertainer. His choice was Jeanne Lefric. Young people met at the dance. Husband and wife they became years later. Two children, sons Dominic and Philip, grew up in the family.

“ Messie-as-all” until recent days remained a simple man without the slightest signs of celebrity. In the painting “Red Circle” for the first time in the credits indicated his name, not just the usual pseudonym. Gone from life a unique original actor in 1970, September 23.

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