Anatoly Shaliapin: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Often artistic destiny tries on the endurance of many performers who have won audience recognition. Anatoly Konstantinovich Shaliapin did not bypass such a check.

Career in theatre

The biography of the future artist began in 1948. The child was born in Moscow on March 28 in an ordinary family. Near the house was located DK ZIL. In it active and able guy was engaged in Yunnat and choreographic circles.

In between dances, Chaliapin showed pals skits. The teacher who watched the student recommended that he go to the theater circle. Anatolia was accepted into the People’s Theatre, headed by Sergei Shtein at 11 years old. A year later, he was inducted into the cast of the play “Conduit’s End”.

After school, Chaliapin had no doubts: he chose an artistic career. The graduate decided to receive education at the Shchepkin School. He was determined on the course of Mikhail Ivanovich Tsarev. In the first year the student was invited to the Small Theatre. He made his stage debut as Mishka, servant of Gorodnogo, in the comedy “The Revitor”. It was the first role with words, and Igor Ilinsky rehearsed with it.

The Lyceum Theatre remained until 1969. After completing his studies in “Shchepka”, Shaliapin was sent to Tula Drama Theatre named after Gorky. For almost a decade, the artist played in the company of the capital’s Experimental Theatre, headed by Gennady Yudenich. Rehearsals began in the morning, obligatory vocals, dance. No work, much less participation in filming, was not encouraged or tolerated.

The theatre ceased to exist in 1980. After that Anatoly Konstantinovich decided to change the type of activity. He started working as a director of cultural and mass events at the Palace of Culture ZIL. His efforts were the club “Ochah”, where the head played the role of Domovoy, supporting conversations on any topics. All the events close to the theater were interesting and interesting. He composed and scripts for New Year’s Eve trees. He was a member of the KVN jury

Cinematographer or theater

Anatoly Konstantinovich became an administrator in a choreographic school for children. He was making a class schedule, looking for teachers. The pupils took part in performances of the Natalia Satz Music Theatre. They were involved in the telecast, where he was the host, and Chaliapin himself.

He invited the artist to the Moon Theatre its founder, actor Sergei Prokhanov.

There was work on the play “Dreams of Little Robinson”. In it, Shaliapin was offered to play Parrot. The production for children was successful: it went at constant meetings. Then there was work in “The Journey of the Diletantes”, “Faust”, “The Night Is Tender”, and in “Byzantium”.

For the Best Actor in 1999, the artist who performed the role of Podyagin in the play “Mashenka” was presented at the dedicated centenary with birthday of Nabokov Moscow Theatre Festival prize.

A career in cinema began with the film “Twenty Years Later” in 1965. In it, the artist played Sasha Sergeeva. According to the scenario, a group of youth in the winter of 1919 are left to do underground work in the city occupied by White Guard troops. For the removal of suspicions the children put a performance on the work of Alexander Dumas.

Failure was the attempt of flyers. Sasha Sergeev has been arrested. According to the list of artists he found, counterintelligence plans to make arrests. From under custody the detainee runs, managing to warn friends of danger.

Star role

After small roles in “The Dental Doctor’s Adventures” and “Misguided”, the star was work in the television series “Shadows Fade at Noon”. The painting shows the history of the inhabitants of the Siberian village. It begins with the fact that in the taiga village hide under other people’s documents and heirs of rich families who dream to survive difficult times and wait for the return of the former power. However, there is no change, and their own children do not recognize the values of parents. In the television series, Shaliapin was approved for the role of Mitka Kurganov. For her sake, the actor left the Tula Theatre.


small but vibrant role of booze was played by an actor in the motion picture “Dangerous Age.” According to the plot, Rodimtseva’s spouses decide to break up, having realized that nothing in common 20 years after the wedding they had no left. However, the son does not withstand the current stop and goes to study in seafaring, and to pursue a career because of divorce and separation neither the wife nor the husband can. Narkis Mikhailovich as a fine perfumer-taster is invited to identify the fragrance of the perfume of the alleged criminal.

Being injured, the hero is deprived of the ability to listen to smells. A unique ability is restored after meeting an ex-spouse. From the beginning of the eighties to the late nineties, the entertainer was commissioned minor characters. In some films, his name was not stated in the credits, so little-noticed were his characters.

Work continues

In the receiver of dishes the performer was reincarnated in the painting “The President and his granddaughter”. The story begins with the death during childbirth of a very important patient. Fearing the proceedings, the doctor replaces the baby with one of the twin girls who appeared in another patient.

In both families, children are given the name Maria. The girls manage to meet accidentally after 12 years and switch places. One is mastered in the luxurious mansion of the president, where her sister lives with her grandfather, the other is to meet real mom. As a result, girls change their grandfather’s character for the better and begin to communicate with each other.

In 2,000-year-old, Chaliapin continues to star in supporting roles. He played in Zotov’s “Truckers”, appeared in the TV series “On the Corner at the Patriarchs” in the image of an accountant and the head of the book store, starred in “Syshchiki”, “Zhelovaya” and other projects.

The actor doesn’t tell anything about his personal life. He is completely confident that outsiders don’t need to know about what happens offstage and screen.

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