Anatoly Mehrentsev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and youth

 The future chairman of the regional executive committee appeared on August 2, 1925 in ordinary peasant family. The parents at that time lived in the village of Parashino, in the territory of Kungur district of Perm Krai. His father worked as a mechanizer of a wide profile in a collective farm. The mother was involved in housework and raising children. Anatolia from an early age prepared for independent life. They were taught to work and responsibility for their actions. In school, the boy did well. After completing seven classes, he entered a mechanical engineering college, which was located in the working settlement of Kungur.

At the labor watch

In 1942, Mehrentseva was called into the ranks of the armed forces. Serving the uraltsa fell in the Far East. After completing short courses at the Aviation Technical School, he was seconded to the famous Pacific Fleet as an aircraft mechanic. Anatoly Aleksandrovich took part in hostilities against Japanese invaders on Sakhalin and on the Korean Peninsula. In 1950, after demobilization, he returned home and completed his training at the technical school. After that he decided to get a profile education at the Faculty of Mechanics of the Ural Polytechnic Institute.

During his student years, Mehrentsev was actively engaged in Komsomol work. After defending the diploma, on distribution came to work for the local Machine Building Plant. The young engineer’s production career folded successfully. In early 1970 Anatoly Aleksandrovich was appointed director of the plant. After seven years, an experienced specialist and head was elected chairman of the Sverdlovsk regional executive committee. At this position Mehrentsev had to be engaged in elimination of problems which accumulated in area for decades.

Recognition and personal life

Many forces and time were given by Anatoly Alexandrovich to restore due order in the regional region farm. For his great contribution to the development of industrial production, he was awarded the honorary title Hero of Socialist Labor. Mehrentsev was awarded two Orders of Lenin and the Order “Badge of Honor”.

Anatoly Mehrentsev’s personal life developed safely. He lived most of a conscious life in a legal marriage. The wedding was played during the years of students. Husband and wife raised and raised a daughter. The Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Regional Executive Committee died in January 1985.

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