Anastasia Vertinskaya: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence

 Perennial practice shows that external attractiveness and talent are found in many people. It is very important that one properly dispose of these gifts of destiny. Anastasia Vertinskaya appeared on December 19, 1944 in a creative family. Sister Marianne, who was a year older, had already grown up in the house. The parents at that time lived in Moscow. His father, world-famous Russian poet, composer and performer of songs spent many years abroad. Mother is a Georgian princess, artist and film actress. They met and married in the famous Chinese city of Shanghai.

It is important to emphasize that when busy with his creative projects and performances, the head of the family gave much time to the upbringing and education of his daughters. He tried to develop them comprehensively. Instilled a taste for reading books. Taught to understand art and musical works. Nastya, so called the future actress at home, loved her father very much and tried never to upset him. In school, she did well. Effortlessly assimilated the intricacies of the English language. She was active in artistic self-activity and attended ballet studio classes.

Under scarlet sails

At the moment it is difficult to tell how the fate of Anastasia Vertinskaya could have developed. As is often the case, everything defined a happy occasion. At the film studio “Mosfilm” prepared for shooting the painting “Scarlet Sails” according to the story of Alexander Green. The assistant director for a long time could not choose an actress to perform the title role. Anastasia, who was walking around the city with her mother, noticed one of the assistants and invited for samples. The film went to screens in 1961 and received audience recognition throughout the Soviet Union. Vertinskaya at one point became a celebrity.

It should be noted that the first and completely unanticipated success, at least did not round the head of the novice actress. After filming, Nastya has not yet decided whether she will connect her life with cinema. But immediately followed a new invitation for the title role in the painting “Amphibian Man.” After this project, Vertinskaya felt the hidden energy of the profession and threw away all doubts. The young actress, who is not yet educated, was accepted for service in the company of the Moscow Pushkin Theatre.

Recognition and personal life

Vertinskaya received professional education in the theater school named after Shchukin. The actress’s bright personality, hard work and talent allowed her to achieve great success in her work. Anastasia Vertinskaya was awarded the honorary title “People’s Artist of the RSFSR”.


actress’s personal life has not folded as smoothly as it looks on screen. Anastasia Vertinskaya married only once. Her official spouse was Nikita Mikhalkov. The marriage was born a son, Stepan. After three years, the marriage broke down. The actress gives a lot of time and effort to communicate with her close relatives. Engaged with grandchildren. It’s dating an older sister. Continues to enter the theater stage.

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