Anastasia Maksimova: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Anastasia Vladimirovna got to TV for the first time at 10 years. At 15, the girl already worked as an assistant director. The co-host of the program “Music Ring” the girl became at 18. Tamara and Vladimir Maksimovy created the project “Music Ring — New Generation” especially for their daughter. However, the program had to be shut down due to Nastya’s fascination

The road to recognition

The biography of the future star began in 1978. The girl appeared in Leningrad on July 25 in the family of the author of the first domestic telethons and the author of the well-known programs “Telecurrier” and “Public Opinion”. From early childhood, the baby showed giftedness. Her education at the Musical School was based on an individual program.

Anastasia participated in popular projects, was fond of vocals. She joined the variety department of Musuchyny Musuchyny, at the same time she performed in American jazz clubs. On the TV screen, the girl appeared with her performing retro music band “Boulevard” in the show “Taste for Life”.

On the TV show “Music Ring”, the performer came with the rock team. The girl presented her works to the audience. The songs were played at the Slavonic Bazaar and Ovation competitions.


In 1999 Maksimova became a student at the Petersburg Conservatory in the opera vocal class.

Work in television was stopped as Anastasia switched her studies entirely. Classics appeared in the repertoire. In 2000, several retro and crossovers were recorded. Training in 2004 Anastasia finished extern. Experiments with musical directions began.

The album “Diva” appeared in 2005. He was praised by neoclassical lovers. Maksimova moved to Moscow, where she began work at Amedia. As a creative producer of Sony Pictures, she coordinates the work of two groups engaged in creating music for the series.

Family and work

Vocalist is the author and performer of the soundtracks for the telenovella “Talisman of Love”. At the same time, cooperation with Yulia Savicheva began. The author and composer also acted as producer of the vocalist’s album “Magnet”.

She worked Maksimova with the duo “Nepara”, Elena Terleeva and Lera Masskva. In 2008 Anastasia Vladimirovna started work on a solo project. She successfully combines a solo career and a producer’s activities. In the same period, the musical accompaniment to the picture “Cook” and the sitcom “Univer” was created.

Successfully developed and personal life of the artist. Her chosen and husband was the program director of “Russian Radio” Marcel González Moreau. The official ceremony took place in summer 2006. In 2009, May 9, the couple had a child, daughter Alice.

The winner of the best voice of neoclassical, the “silver soprano”, is working on several large-scale projects.

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