Amy Lee: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Life of the famous singer began in December of the early 80s of the last century in the state of California, USA. From the very childhood in the family circle the girl was surrounded by creative, musical directions of people.

Amy’s father worked for a long time at various music events as a DJ. Even at an early age, Lee lost her younger sister, she left her life, barely beginning her. It was because of this loss that the band’s soloist wrote several compositions entirely dedicated to the girl.

Addicted to musical instruments and, in general, to music, she had already appeared since adolescence, she liked to use guitar, piano. Next began to play the piano superbly, which helped her at many performances.

Amy’s first school became an Orthodox institution, there she served as head of the local choral group. The penchant for more lyrical, sad artwork was integral to growing up girl. Therefore, in further work she chose such direction of musical works.

Evanescence soloist has always been distinguished by great achievements in the field of education. Both a school and a higher education institution she graduated brilliantly. Upon graduation, she decided to move to Los Angeles.

Personal life

Near the end of the 2000s, Amy played her first and only wedding to Josh Hartzler, dropped her last name in favor of her husband. The end of the summer of 2014 for the singer was marked by the birth of the firstborn, who was named Jack Lyon.

Career at Evanescense


start of the famous band was Lee’s meeting with Ben Moody in the mid-90s, at a children’s camp . At the time, the young guy noted the girl’s exceptional musical abilities. Ta surprised him with impeccable piano playing and a song of his own composition. Before this acquaintance, Amy planned only composing activities, but her future musical partner directed her to perform compositions.

Already a year later the youngster and girl organized the initial duo and named it Evanescense. But the first music album saw light only in the late 90s. Next, after 2 years, the band was joined by a piano player, with whom the album was recorded, which immediately gained popularity.

In the future, the band was renewed and left by many musicians, but Amy received the main fame with Ben. On their account several compositions that became box office and took first positions in popularity on American radio stations of the 2000s. Their songs have become many times the main “chip” of many movies in which they have been used.

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