Ametrin: appearance, properties and compatibility of the stone with Zodiac signs

The origin of the stone is related to the sad love story of the Spanish conquistador and bolivarian, in whose homeland were found unusual gems, ametrins. The lovers decided to flee, afraid of being separated by the girl’s family. Aureiros died, having managed to hand over to the Spaniard a stone that became a symbol of divided hearts. The girl’s farewell gift in Felipe’s homeland shocked the Queen, becoming her favorite jewel.


In the variety of quartz combined features and coloration of amethyst and citrine. Thanks to them in self-color, violet-mauve or yellow-orange shades predominate. They are shared by a noticeable, if fuzzy, facet. Stones differ in cleanliness, transparency and lack of defects. When broken, the mineral breaks down into parts with even faces.


Healers found out that the spectacular crystal perfectly enhances the body’s immunity. It is able to purify blood and treat inflammatory diseases. Of particular importance is the area of the location and colour of the stone:

  • stress, insomnia, nightmares and depression disappear if the ametrin is put under the pillow or in the headboard;
  • wearing a ring with self-color contributes to the improvement of the genitourinary and reproductive systems;
  • from migraine, earrings with stone are treated;
  • with the help of pendants and pendants improve the functioning of the GI tract and remove toxins from the body;
  • with skin diseases will cope with an ametrine bracelet.

The best cure for psychoemotional tension will be purple-tinged minerals, and yellow crystals are excellent heal cystitis, gastritis and pyelonephritis. However, synthetic analogues do not possess any abilities.

Magic Magicians

valued the jewel for the property of restoring benevolent relationships. Indian shamans, with the help of crystal, reconciled the warring tribes. Among the crystal’s abilities:

  • accelerate the search for the second half and strengthen the family union;
  • improve mood and eliminate negative energy and attacks of jealousy;
  • enhance creativity and to direct efforts towards the attainment of goals.$

The stone also protects against the anger of the superior persons. Ametrin-wielding family is completely protected from detractors.

Combination with Zodiac signs

Almost all members of the Zodiac signs can wear the mascot without harm to themselves, except Virgo. The bearer of the stone becomes hesitant and passive. It is preferable to the amulet to choose Ovnam: self-color helps to unlock potential, eliminates aggressiveness and irritability.

Lion gets the drive to get rid of flaws. Sagittarius’s irritability disappears. Cancer gains confidence and a charge of optimism. The mascot will help improve the material position of the Gemini. Learn to properly distribute your wealth of Aquarius. Taurus will be able to make new acquaintances, and stubborn Libra will soften excessive stiffness of character.

Less conflicted will become Scorpions, and Capricorns will noticeably lose in stubbornness. Discover the magic abilities of Pisces.

Ametrine is excellent for processing and is often used in jewelry. White or yellow gold perfectly harmonizes with the greenish shade of crystals, and silver will demonstrate the beauty of purple stones. Large gems act as material for exclusive souvenirs. In other spheres, rare ametrine is not used.


Jewel needs special care. Since the mineral dims when the direct light of the sun is hit, it is not possible to wear during the day and leave decorations in the sun for a long time.

Store accessories separate from others to protect against damage. Decorations are removed during cleaning, protected from exposure to household chemicals and decorative cosmetics. Therefore, it is recommended to put on jewels after applying make-up, and to remove it before removing it.

Everyday wearing involves regular cleaning in a warm, but not hot, soap solution. To get rid of the accumulated negative, the crystal is immersed in salt water for a few minutes.

From synthetic analogues and counterfeiting, natural samples are distinguished by lack of defects and complete transparency. Solid surface mineral will not damage. Natural gems differ in pleasant lemon yellow, orange, mauve or purple color.

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