Alizé Jacoté: biography, creativity, career and personal life

After first glorifying her name, Alizé Jacoté recorded several albums in different genres. Everyone has found their listener.

Path to Calling

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1984. The girl appeared in Corsican Ajaccio on August 21. Creativity at the professional level was not done by any of the relatives. The head of the family was a system administrator, mother was a businesswoman.

Parents liked windsurfing so much that their daughters were given the name Aliza, which in French means wind passat. The younger son was named Johann.

From the age of four, Alize was keen on dancing. In the studio, she quickly became a soloist. Also young Jacoté showed drawing abilities. At 11, the girl won the local competition, creating the airline logo. An airliner decorated with her drawing was named after the winner.

The future singer got to the casting of the TV contest “Beginner Star” at 15 years old. She dreamed of showing a dance number, but auditioned only vocalists. The debut failed, but a month later the girl returned, having prepared perfectly. She won the show, becoming the most promising of beginners.


Producers noticed her talent. French pop star Mylène Farmer was invited to her project by Alizé. The gifted girl became the main actor of the production. With the single “Moi… Lolita” performer toured the whole of Europe. The debut album Gourmandises enjoyed no less success.” In three months, it went platinum.

Gradually the defiant image of Lolita is a thing of the past With Farmer, the collaboration culminated in the release of the compilation “Mes Courants Electriques” in 2006.

In 2007, work on the new disc “Psychédélices” was completed. Daughters mother dedicated a new record, recorded in an experimental manner. The singer changed her image, sparking a lively discussion of changes by fans.

Estrada and Family

In 2013 there is a new collection “5″. His title composition was the single “À cause de l ‘automne”. Critics noted the presence of classics and orchestra, praising both the novelty and progress of the performer. A year later, the album “Blonde” was introduced.

The vocalist also took place in personal life. In 2003, she met designer and musician Jérémie Chatelin. A child, daughter Anni-Lee, appeared in the family. The couple separated after 9 years.

A year later, Alize took part in the TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. Her partner was professional dancer Grégoire Lyonnais. The affair began. After winning the competition, the relationship reached a new level. In 2016, June 18, Gregoire and Alize became husband and wife officially.

The performer does not stop dancing classes, also she is a fan of Ajaccio football club.

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