Alisher Morgenstern. Biography, career and personal life

Morgenstern’s childhood. His parents

Alias Morgenstern did not have to take, this is his real last name. On his birth certificate he was recorded as “Valeev Alisher Tagirovich”, the surname changed later. He was born in Ufa in 1998. His father left the family when Alisher was 11 years old. Tagir drank heavily and shortly after the divorce died due to cirrhosis of the liver.

Alisher, 11, attended a prestigious grammar school, but he was expelled from his last class right before his exams. He often devoted his time to music classes and hanging out with friends. After attending a private school, he passed the EGE with high scores, which were enough for admission to the pedinstitut.

Mum treated her son’s classes well and supported him. The first expensive microphone donated by his mom, he used for a long time. Recorded his first track with him at age 12, taking the alias Deenes MC. This song featured a friend of his under the pseudonym “White Up”. The song “Above the Clouds” proved prophetic. There was a promise in her to become famous.

“ Above the clouds, remember this group. In a couple of years we will smash Ufa”, – the lyrics from the song “Above the clouds”.

The beginning of Morgenstern’s career

Support for Mom continued. She gave her son money to advertise her creativity as well. Subsequently, he thanked her, with his first earnings he bought her mother Iphon. In achieving the goal, Alisher always showed tenacity and will, never was a lazier. A keen desire to have money he felt at 16. The future popular musician worked as a courier and car wash for 300 rubles a day, tried to earn money from distributing leaflets and washing windows.

In the end of these brief experiments, Alisher realized that the path to big money, as well as his true place in life, is not here. He created the rock band “MMD CREW” (an abbreviation from the phrase “My mother is a virgin”, SREW translated from English — crew, crew), but also this band did not bring money. Therefore, several months he earned, playing in crossings and squares, where he earned already 2 thousand a day for 2 hours.

The next stage of starting a career was opening a recording studio and creating a “#ИзиРеп” project on Youtube. It featured parodies of popular performers. Alisher filmed provocative blogs. His conflict with Khovansky is known. One of the clips focused on politician Alexei Navalny. The result of the promotion was an increase in the number of subscribers on the singer’s channel to 187,000, and in 2018, at the age of 20, Morgenstern went on a concert tour in the cities of Russia.

Morgenstern studies. Failures and challenges of fate

After entering the Bashkir State Pedinstitut after school, the future musician received a pension for loss of breadwinner. For those 8,000 he lived during his studies. He was also expelled from the institute. A conversation at the rectorate during the signing of the application for the deduction Alisher recorded on the voice recorder

 “You know, you learn in pedvosis. What are you supposed to carry the kids? What do you bear them? Mat and sex,” the words of one of the teachers.

The reason for the expulsion was a scandalous vlog about the school, where Alisher passed practice as a teacher. During filming, he approached the schoolgirl and offered her sex in the toilet. Teachers revolted, arguing their decision to defund exactly what sex their student offered to the underage girl. In fact, as Morgenstern later explained in his video, it was his 18-year-old acquaintance.

“ Our problem is we learn such a freak from us,” is a quote from the video, purportedly belonging to the pedinstitut administration.

After the deduction, Alisher was worried and even went to a zealot for the whole summer. He was frequented by bad thoughts, he thought he would sit on his mother’s neck and die in poverty. After a year in his blog he visited his former place of study and stated that the deduction was good for him, because he is now rich and famous.

“ I wear before my eyes the salary of the rector for a month. And there are two on your teeth. And on the neck — so in general 10,” a quote from Morgenstern’s video near the pedinstitut from which he was removed.

Subsequently, he wanted to attend the School of Art in the Faculty of Sound Engineering, but was turned down because of his epatage appearance. “With this appearance, you can’t study in our art school,” Alisher told the admissions committee. It happened, as the musician believes, because of the “666″ tattoo he stuffed himself on his forehead in 2017. It was a promise to himself never to work in an office with a strict dress code. Then he still joined the State Aviation Institute for the Department of Computer Science.

Morgenstern Girls The

first romantic craze known about online is Dilara from Ufa. They were bound by a relatively lengthy relationship, but when Alisher left for Moscow, he broke up with her, posting an appeal online in which he said he wanted to have sex with other girls. Dilara took offense at the ex-boyfriend, but gained an additional 70,000 followers to her blog through the publicity of this topic.

Alisher is supposed to have had feelings for Olga Buzova. He was the first to dedicate an entire issue to “#ИзиРеп”. He commented on her post about wishes by simply offering to have a beer together. Olga Buzova in her video blog said that, writing to him in direct, she saw messages that Alisher had been writing to her for several years. Olga Buzova Morgenstern dedicated a romantic song.

“ The main thing is tenacity, and all your dreams will come true” (c) Alisher Morgenstern.

During the first meeting in the cafe, Alisher Morgenstern gave Olga Buzova flowers and behaved very shy, called her on “You”. And a year later she invited him to participate in a joint clip for the promotion of her project.

His collaboration with Clava Coca is known. The singer wrote him a message offering to participate in her music video. He quickly responded, but wished their real kiss had been filmed. Clava agreed, and perhaps thanks largely to this hot episode, the clip gained millions of views.

About sex with fans the singer does not like to spread, says that this is extremely rare. Presumably, the popular video blogger doesn’t have a constant girl, and about serious relationships he still speaks skeptically. “ Any relationship is mutual benefit. Why do I need a second half if I’m whole, as much as possible?” ( c) Alisher Morgenstern.

Instead of imprisonment

In his 22 years, the singer is rich and famous. He achieved success in show business. His clips are gaining millions of views. His songs set records for the number of auditions. He is respected by stars like Lolita. Morgenstern and Tim Belorussky made a proposal for joint projects. In an interview to the channel “ProNovosti” Alisher noted that he can’t walk on the streets of Moscow anymore and is forced to move by car. His popularity prevents him from making friends, because everyone tries to “smear”, take a joint selfie or asks to provide support in another way.

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