Alexey Zverev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Alexey Vasilyevich Zverev is a teacher and writer. In his books, the front man was able to convey to readers a sense of love for the native land, for people.


Unsurprisingly, in his books Alexey Vasilyevich correctly described the life of the village, peasant work, because he hailing from the countryside. A. IN. Zverev came to light in 1913 in Siberia, in an ancient village called Ust-Kud.

The family was large and friendly. Everyone used to work from an early age, so they were raised, and there was a need for it. After all, what was on the table at the peasants was mostly raised by their own hands. On how much they will be able to sow grains, plant vegetables, how will they care for the vegetable garden, harvest the income of the family depended.

The livelihood available was also a good help. Alexey in early childhood already tended to chickens, ducklings. And when the kid was 7 years old, he was taught to ride a horse. So he started harrowing, carrying hay. Fishing too was one of the important activities, giving food to the table, and recreation from hard work.

In the family not only were able to work heroically, but also to sing, to joke. The Zverevs were famous for the whole village — they were excellent storytellers, artists, knew how to play harmonica, balalaika, guitar.

Nobody in the family smoked, vodka was a rarity.


Alexey Zverev managed not only to work, but also to learn. And the boy’s school successes were excellent. At that time in the village created a commune, it then sent thirteen year old Alyosha to study for zootechnics in agricultural technical school.

Instead of a scholarship, he was given a pud and a half. Though it was hungry, but Alexey Vasilyevich Zverev for life remained grateful to the Communards for that sent him then to study.

After receiving his education, he returned to his native village. And since the country was fighting against universal illiteracy, Alexey Vasilyevich became a teacher. He worked in that specialty for 40 years.

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the teacher went to the front, he was an artillery-miner.


writer Zverev became


at quite an adult age. He was 55 when the author’s first book came out. Although he wrote poetry in his youth, they were even published in local newspapers and later in front-line publications.

Then the author created many more works, in some of them A. IN. Zverev described what he experienced during the Great Patriotic War. These were stories such as: “Recovery”, “The Last Fire”, “Sooners”.

There are a famous writer and many other works, where the heroes of the books are village children who grow up, improve, learn to love the Motherland, protect it, work on their land.

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