Alexey: meaning and characteristics of name

Alexey is a name that has maintained its popularity for many centuries. People with that name have great strength of will and spirit, confidence and determination.

Characteristics of the name Alexey

  1. Winter It is distinguished by emotionality, stubbornness, perseverance. Regularly gets into a variety of situations that cannot be called pleasant. Doesn’t prove anything to anyone thinking above all this.
  2. Spring. Characterized by indecision, modesty. Too impressionable and peace-loving. Hates conflicts and tries to avoid them. Does not seek to express his point of view openly.
  3. Summer. Characterized by weak willpower. To succeed, or at least deal with simple problems, needs help from loved ones. Too humble. He has no confidence in his own power, so ideas are not able to implement. Hates criticism in his address, easily gives up.
  4. Autumn. I am confident in my strength, determined. Always defending his point. Little says and always “essentially.” Initiative, practical and rationalized. Able to succeed in any sphere of life.

The meaning of the name Alexey for the child

Little boy is a mother’s son. But in a positive way. He adores his mom, tries to listen to her, always helps. But at the same time, he is not an exhausted child. Positions himself first, as a defender and assistant.

In younger years the owner of the name Alexey is a little closed. He doesn’t talk much, doesn’t try to get acquainted. Picks friends who have a similar character. Though in childhood Alexey and hesitant, but the point of view will be defended until the end. He will not become a leader, but respect will be achieved.

A child with the name Alexey is distinguished by responsibility and punctuality. Doesn’t like lying. Rarely shows emotion.

The meaning of the name Alexei for a teenager

Little changes in adolescence as well. Alexei is calm, fair and prudent. Ready to support your friends and loved ones in any situation. He can be entrusted with the innermost secrets.

In adolescence, character traits such as stubbornness and perseverance begin to stand out. He does not want to be a leader, but he will not agree to obey others. Loves when those around them listen to his opinion. But at the same time he will not impose his point of view.


don’t like to conflict. All problems are trying to solve peacefully. Tries not to engage in a variety of adventures.

The meaning of the name for a man

A man named Alexey is distinguished by such character traits as self-sufficiency, poise, confidence. He fits responsibly to everything. Work is used to perform qualitatively. Never forgets loved ones. Shows attention towards his family.

Loves acting according to the plan. Thanks to this, it successfully handles even the most difficult tasks.

Able to join any company. In this he is helped by traits such as charm, responsiveness and cheerfulness. However, Alexei does not like to be imposed. Calmly treat loneliness.

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