Alexey Markov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Audiences Alexey is familiar with the roles in the TV series “Cadetcy”, “Hotel Eleon”, as well as the role in the military fantasy drama “Fog”.

His childhood and youth

Alexey was born on November 4, 1982 in the family of an engineer in the small town of Kalinin, Tver Oblast.

Alexey showed love for creativity and acting abilities since childhood. As he himself told in one of his interviews, he remembers his very first role in kindergarten. It was the role of a hare, for which his mother sewn him a cap with ears and shorts with a cotton wool ponytail.

During his school years, the future actor participated in theatre productions and attended the Tver People’s Theatre, where he played a role in Edward Aldie’s play “All in the Garden”.

Theatrical education

After graduating from the gymnasium, Markov was already firmly confident in the chosen path for himself and entered the theater school. M. S. Shchepkin to the acting faculty.

The actor didn’t stop there and continued his professional development. Two years after completing the school, he joined the Department of Directing at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts GITIS and graduated in 2011 with a specialty of “Variety Director”. At the same time he got a position as an educator of acting.

Three years after graduating from GITIS, in 2014 Alexei made his debut tape and tried himself as the director of the film “Screw Quentin!”. Filming took place in Los Angeles. As a result, the film entered the competition program of the film festival “Shorter”, which was held in 2009 in Kaliningrad. And at the METERS international festival Markov was already present as a member of the jury.


career of actor

Alexey Markov began to receive his first roles while studying at the theater school. M. S. Shchepkin. His cinematic career began in 2000 with a role in the Russian detective series I. Aposian “Maroseica 12: Babier Summer”.

Young Alexey’s talent was noticed in the theater school and after graduation was invited to shoot the series “Students”, where he performed the role of a journalist. And a year later, the actor gained wide fame and popularity thanks to his role in the familiar many TV series “Cadetcy” about the life of pupils of Suvorov school.

In total, Markov’s account has about twenty roles in various films and TV series. After the success of “Cadeleton”, the actor received roles in such series as “The Cursed Paradise”, “Thirty Year-Old”, “Freud Method 2″.


a wider Russian audience, Alexei Markov became known after his role in the war drama “The Fog”. The film tells the story of a modern unit of the Russian army, which in an incredible way transposed to the past, during the Second World War. The film was released on 9 May 2010 to celebrate Victory Day.

One of Markov’s last roles to date is a comedic image of professional con artist Michael in Russian – Ukrainian comedy series “Hotel Eleon”, published in 2016. At the moment, the latest films in which the actor participated are the films “We will not say goodbye” (2017) and “The Lighthouse Beholder” (2018).

Other activity

Since 2014 Markov holds the position of art director of the site of the international film festival SHNIT in Moscow.

In addition, in 2016 he participated together with Andrei Malakhov, Tatyana Arno and Dmitry Dibrov in the international project “Channel One” and “Channel One of China” — “Second All-China” television contest in Russian language”.

Also, Markov has been teaching acting and personal efficiency for businessmen and ordinary people throughout the to the world, works with the participants of such programs as “Voice” and “Precisely”, has produced several books in which he shared his experience and achievements on acting and productivity of life.

Family and children

At the same time as the turbulent professional life, filming, teaching, management of the theater studio in Tver and conducting trainings around the world, Alexey manages to engage in raising their two teenage daughters.


actor spoke about his personal life as follows: “I neither married nor divorced. We met, we had children, lived together, and when we decided that enough was enough, we separated.”

Alexei maintains a good, friendly relationship with the mother of his daughters, and they both deal with their upbringing.

Most of all in Markov’s life, he claims, appreciates silence. In the truest sense — as the absence of annoying noise and empty conversations, and in the figurative — as simplicity and minimalism of the environment, things, clothes and interior.

Further plans

According to the actor, thanks to filming in movies, he learned a discipline that helps him in all other spheres.

Now, in his 37 years, Alexey is making many plans for life and wants to live it, making the most of the time and enjoying every moment.

He continues his career and sets out bold, ambitious goals.

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