Alexey Adamov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

After all, it doesn’t just depict on canvas what nature created โ€” it chants its power, strength, beauty, tenderness, brightness at all seasons.

Alexei has been painting since he was a child. He became a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, a member of the Moscow Art Association, a corresponding member of the International Academy of Culture and Art.


Born Alexey Vladimirovich Adamov in Taganrog in 1971. The city stands on the banks of Azov, so the boy grew up in the seascape. Drawing started as soon as he learned to hold a pencil, and Grandma paid attention to how accurately he portrays what he sees. The family decided to send Alexei to art school, where he was happy to engage. Talent passed on to him from his father, who also painted well and was a magnificent minter. Therefore, it can be said that it is hereditary ability and even some predestiny of destiny โ€” to become a singer of the beautiful.

As the artist himself said in one interview, he and in regular school all the time, sitting on the last row. And once he sent to the contest his only work with a negative message: Alexey painted a concentration camp. It is not known what then prompted him to paint people’s pain and suffering. Then he wrote only beautiful landscapes.

After graduation, the young man had no doubt where to study โ€” he went to receive education in Rostov, in the art school. Grekov. Here, in his native element, Adamov was very pleasant and easy to learn, and he still remembers with gratitude all the one-coughs and his teacher V.I.Begma. The school gave a lot to young giving, teachers made a great contribution to Alexey’s future, for which he is very grateful to them, and speaks about it in every interview.

He has to talk to journalists quite often, and the reason for these meetings is most often exhibitions that take place both in Russia and abroad. Now it is no longer possible to list all the cities that visited Adamov’s canvases at exhibitions, and in the most prestigious galleries. Here his works were admired by a wide variety of visitors, and now the paintings of Taganrog artist can be seen in the offices of dignitaries. He also holds solo exhibitions, and for everyone he tries to write new paintings.

Singer Azov

U Adamov many natural landscapes, but the most powerful of his works are those where he depicted the sea. These are not paintings, but real novellas, in which you can see a deep meaning and their character. That’s why they’re sometimes so striking โ€” they just make a different look at ordinary things. The Sea of Azov is distinguished by some warmer tone and human interaction than, say, the Black Sea. And there is a charm in this, which is what Adamov has seen.

Personal life

Lives Alexey Adamov in Moscow, but often happens in Taganrog โ€” and for personal business, and organizes there their exhibitions.

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