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Some information from the biography of

Cherry Alexey Fyodorovich was born on September 18, 1964. Leningrad, though he jokes about his birth, that he “originated” in America. His parents by type of activity spent a lot of time in Latin American countries.

He all childhood was granted to himself. He received his secondary education with great difficulty. The family had a nice apartment; his parents were not against his hobbies with music. Mom knew almost all of his musician friends. And all their quirks were treated loyally.

At the age of 12, Alexey began to celebrate his interest in cinema and sound. It was noticed by the teachers at the school as well. He was soon sent to film mechanics courses. Andrei Tropillo became Alexei’s teacher.

In addition to

studying the basics of film mechanics, Alexey was engaged in a circle of acoustics and sound recording. The classes were led by Andrei Tropillo in a special room equipped for the simplest recording studio. The boys learned to record, rewrite and copy “Time Machines” songs and distribute them on films and tapes. Andrei Tropillo was already at that time a respected recording man, and many famous musicians went to him.

There Alexey first heard about the “Blue Album” of the band “Aquarium”. At 16, it was a shock to him. He brought the tape home and turned on the recording. To parents, Grebenschikov’s performance seemed strange. Mom said the man singing is not simple. Later this uneasy person “BG” often came to visit them, and with their mother they found common ground.

Since then, the Aquarium group has firmly entered Cherry’s heart and lives there to this day.

Creative life until 1999

Classes in the recording circle with Andrei Tropillo grew smoothly into a persistent fascination. Alexey Vishnya in that period was intimately acquainted with many rock musicians of that time. There were meetings and friendships with Viktor Tsoy, Boris Grebenshchikov and Kinchev. There were frequent hangouts and parties, concerts in the Leningrad rock club. A. Cherry improved every day, with every song recorded, with every album. He began to be perceived as a talented and necessary sound engineer. He recorded songs, turning the apartment into a recording studio.

Music of the 80- and 90s taught a lot of A. Cherry. He learned to play guitar as Tsoi and Grebenshchikov, learned how to reduce sounds, mastered live (tape recorder) sound, and later electronic (computer). He participated in many strange stories related to BG, Tsoy and other musicians — Alexei Rybin (Fish), Andrei Panov (Svin).

History of “PR” “Blood Groups”

New songs for the album “Blood Group” lay long as rough, recorded, but not reduced in sound. A. Cherry long convinced Victor that it was necessary to finish the album and give him life. Tsoi didn’t want to release it in Russia, but it still happened, thanks to A. Cherry. He brought the songs to mind and facilitated their spread on cassettes. The album in a few days circled all cities. The tapes instantly appeared in kiosks and stores across Russia. Victor Tsoi was busy filming the film “Needle” at the time and was stunned when he saw a cassette with the cover of “Blood Group” on sale.

Now A. Cherry talks modestly about her role in the band’s “Cinema” discography:

The transformation of Cherry’s music

There have been periods of success and not success, depression and revitalization.$ The popularity of the album “Blood Group” helped also Vishna advance in creativity. His songs began to twist on the radio, and were more often invited to stadium concerts by the final performer. In that period, he visited all musical hypostases.

In 1998. Cherry pondered a new album. He became ashamed of driving around concerts with old songs. Then he had already mastered music writing in multi-channel and digital format. The album “Sailor’s Dream” is created in a home of solitude on a “typewriter”. That’s what Cherry calls the computer. Computer music, according to Cherry, is “dead,” but it’s the new trend of time that’s inevitable.

The album “Sailor’s Dream” was a successful experiment that was created on the emotions of the creator. Next there were many songs and songs, collaborations with the theatre of LEM. There was a nasty story with Svetlana Petrova and the failed project of the play “Bloody Nutcracker.” Failures covered Cherry. In the summer of 1999, he was hit by a car, suffered serious injuries and was in hospital for a long time.

Creative life after 1999

In the

fall of 1999 he left the hospital on crutches and in one pants, A. Cherry. A new life with old problems added difficulties. Turned out with no housing, no parents, no wife, no money, but with the hope of a full recovery and rebirth.

Good people found, helped — sheltered. He spent time staring into the TV and computer monitor. Brought out ideas for further classes. He understood that he had fallen out of life and even out of the global network. Scoring his name in the search, he didn’t see a single result with the words “Alexey Vishnya.” He couldn’t accept that. Should have once again declared himself, and he was helped by the TV. The look was hooked on the performance of the band “Russian Size”. It breathed hope into him.

Music in the format of Polittekhno

When watching the news with Dorenko came to mind the unusual idea of combining speeches of politicians with music. It wasn’t new, but Alexey had never done it before. This craze was interesting and even profitable. It was and still is popular, but interest in political techno for a long time did not hold up. He switched to his own music again and conceived to oversing the songs of the band “Kino”.

Cover versions of songs

about the song of the band “Aquarium” Alexey has long been thinking. At the time, Grebenschikov was often asked if he would like to make new songs for the band? He answered:

Cherry, having consulted Grebenshchikov, took up business. The cover is an interpretation of the song. BG agreed that his old songs required modern melodic comprehension. Several cover versions of Grebenschikov’s songs were included in the album “Illusions” in 1992. But Cherry also strongly loves the group “Kino” and V. Tsoya. And the songs of Tsoy also wanted to sing.

Project “Cherry Cinema”

Rights to all songs by V. Tsoya are today owned by Moroz Records. Manager Sergei Golitsyn agreed to cooperate with Vishney. Alexey himself is convinced that it will be a gift for V. Tsoya. Cover versions of 3 songs performed by Cherry sound heartwarming, because he knows and feels the songs of Tsoy from their very beginnings. In 2014 there was a release of 3 songs:

musician Vsevolod Gakkel participated in the project.

Modern A. Cherry

Today Alexey Vishnya is an active sound engineer under the pseudonym “Yanshiva Shela”. He changed his hairstyle and from a long-salted, wife-like youngster turned into an imposant man with a short haircut. He responds to all projects in which he is interested. He cooperates with young groups: “Auctsyon”, “Coffee”, “Myths”, “Noose Nesterov”, “Object of ridicule”, “Schoolboy Girl” and many others…

He resumed concerts.

He does not murmur at fate despite all its vicissitudes. Doesn’t regret linking life to music. After all, now he acts as a guardian of music history of the 80s and His name is closely intertwined with Victor Tsoy, and this intertwining helps him in real work as well. Now he has something to remember. And what would happen if he went the other way? Became a master or director of cotton production? But his path began with the Leningrad Rock Club, and why he ended up there, Alexei Vishnya doesn’t know until now.

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