Alexandra Sherling: biography, creativity, career and personal life

In the family of Alexandra Yuryevna, everyone is engaged in creativity. Mom is a jazz musician, composer, vocalist and pianist, and dad is a choreographer and director. The younger brother and sister, a saxophonist and pianist, were winners of the prestigious Nutcracker competition.

Star Start

The biography of the future star began in 1990. Shura appeared in Rome on 18 October in the family of Olesi and Yuri Sherling. Alexandra’s younger brother and sister also chose a musical future. Matvey plays the saxophone, and Mariamna plays the pianist. Both were winners of the prestigious “Nutcracker” competition.

From early years, the baby was doing music. The gifted girl sang perfectly. The gold medal of the winner of the competition “World Talents” to the six-year-old vocalist was awarded by Liza Minelli. At the festival “Bravo Bravissimo” in Italy, the young participant was awarded a special prize.

She took part in the TV contest “Morning Star”. The solo young singer performed in the capital’s Variety Theatre in 1997. Her stage partner was Joseph Kobzon. Together with Alexei Kozlov, Shura performed in 2002. In 2003 Sherling presented the Russian Triumph Award in the youth nomination.

New achievements

In 2004, the girl completed her studies in the vocal class of the music school at the pop and jazz school. Sixteen-year-old girl in 2007 became a participant of the TV show “A Minute of Glory”. In 2008, the singer continued in GITIS at the faculty of musetheater.

Throughout the year there was work on the solo project “Dream”. In 2010 the student presented the album “Dream”. His rotation was on Radio Jazz. Discu foreshadowed the glory of one of the most popular among genuine jazz connoisseurs.

In support of her debut work, the singer held a presentation of the jazz production of the same name at the capital’s International House of Music in March. It was directed by the singer’s father Yuri Sherling.

Creativity and family

In December 2017 a new jazz compilation “Jazz Weekend” was released. He, too, rotated on Radio Jazz. Alexandra as the headliner of the final appeared in the Miss Russia pageant in April 2018.

She has performed with many internationally renowned musicians. In 2010 as the first domestic artist Sherling represented the country in Jakarta at the International Jazz Festival.

“ Radio Chanson” successfully rotated the singer’s duet with Mikhail Shufutinsky “Let’s Make This City Dance”. The artist is called a real professional, finely feeling music, the brightest domestic jazz performer.

The singer tries not to talk to the press about her personal life. However, the celebrity is known to be married. She and her husband have a daughter growing up.

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