Alexandra Dorokhina: biography, creativity, career, personal life



 Dorokhin A.M. was born in 1941 in Chita region, in the village of Molodovsk.

In due time, the girl finished school. From her younger years she wanted to be an actress and fulfilled her dream. Alexandra Dorokhina entered the school studio of MHAT, which she graduated in 1965. Two years after that, the actress settled down to work at Lenkom.

During her


of service in Lenkoma, Alexandra Mitrofanovna played in many performances. The debut was the role of Amanda in the production of “Molière”. In “Crossroads of Destiny”, a girl plays Pauline. When the play “Golden Key” was staged in the theater, Alexandra got the role of Toad, but also with this task the young actress did well.

Theatre roles were very diverse. In some performances Dorokhina played girls of certain classes, in others turned into a lady, in the following she was a waitress, an innkeeper, a maid.

Theatre, like cinema, allows actors to try on a wide variety of images, and only true professionals can do so. Alexandra Mitrofanovna Dorokhina treated such. This famous theatre actress served not only in Lenkoma, but also acted in films.

Film works

Debut for Alexandra Dorokhina was the film “Your Son and Brother”. This film picture was directed by Vasily Makarovich Shukshin in 1965. Here, young Alexandra was reincarnated as the spouse of the main character. According to the film, her name is Shura


creatively gifted girl was noticed and soon she was offered one of the central roles in the film “Babier Kingdom”. This is a dramatic movie about the Great Patriotic War. Here Alexandra Dorokhina plays Marina. The film tells the story of a simple collective farm who in the hard war years was able to organize women to plow, sow, build a bridge. The title role was performed by Inna Markova.

Dorokhina then starred in the film “Incorrigible Lig”, “You are summoned by Taimyr”. Mainly a woman played in episodes and performed supporting roles.

In 1977, Mark Zakharov invites the actress to his film tape “12 Chairs”, where she plays a loccom secretary.

Those who watched the penetrated war drama “Remember Your Name” could see Alexandra Dorokhina in a small role. Here, the actress plays a woman in labor. She also got an occasional role in the motion picture “Bride from the North”.

Then there are many works, where Dorokhina also gets small roles. She is reincarnated as an innkeeper, an airport attendant, becomes a maid, the wife of a political master.

Kololev episode

When the crisis came at the end of the last century, many actors found it difficult to find a job. Saved TV series, in which Alexander Dorokhina began to star. But there were also small roles here.

This actress can rightly be called the queen of episodes.

Aleksandra Mitrofanovna did not spread about her personal life, so it is not known if she had a family, a husband.

Didn’t become Alexandra Mitrofanovna in 2019 at the age of 78.

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