Alexander Zhurbin: a brief biography

Starting conditions The

 future composer came to light on August 7, 1945 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents lived in the famous city of Tashkent. His father, Boris Markovich Gandelsman, a lieutenant technician, was engaged in aircraft maintenance at a military airfield. Mother, Ada Aleksandrovna Zhurbina worked as an engineer at an aircraft repair company. Musical abilities in a child showed up at an early age. When it came time to go to study, Alexander was enrolled in a specialized music school-ten-year school. He studied well. I managed to communicate with my peers and play sports.

In 1963, after receiving his matriculation certificate, the young man entered the Tashkent Conservatory for a cello class. As a student he actively participated in social and cultural activities. Tried his hand at composing musical works. Experienced teachers noted his efforts and advised to continue his education in this vein. After graduating from the conservatory, Alexander went to Moscow and joined the composer faculty of the Gnesin Music and Pedagogical Institute.

In creative field In the

early 70s, the certified composer moved to the cultural capital the country city of Leningrad. He defended his thesis here and changed the surname Gendelsmann to the simpler Zhurbin. During that period, the attention of the entire music world was on Andrew Webber’s rock opera “Jesus Christ is a Superstar”. The aspiring Soviet composer could not just wave away from this phenomenon. Zhurbin set a specific goal, and in 1975, the rock opera “Orpheus and Eurydice” premiered on the stage of the Leningrad Conservatory. The main parts were performed by Albert Asadullin and Irina Ponarovskaya.

Zhurbin worked effectively in a wide variety of musical genres. Five symphonies came out from under his pen. His concertos for cello, violin and piano with the orchestra became classical. In musical educational institutions, students hone performance technique on Zhurbin’s works. For ten years, beginning in 1990, Jourbin lived and worked in America. The outstanding composer was sheltered by the multifaceted city of New York. The career at the new place was quite successful, but after the terrorist act in September 2001, the composer decided to return to his native penates.

Recognition and personal life

In his long creative life, Jourbin wrote more than two hundred pop songs. The composer was active in creating musical accompaniment to films and television projects. For his great contribution to the development of domestic culture Zhurbin was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation”.


maestro’s personal life developed on the second attempt. In his first marriage to shop colleague Laura Quint, a son, Philip, was born. But it didn’t save the family from breaking up. With his second wife, Irina Ginsburg, the composer lives still. Son Lion is a musician. Lives and works in New York City. Alexander Zhurbin continues to engage in musical work.

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